Online bullying of teenagers leads to depression : Report

New York, May 10 Parents, please take note. Teenagers who experience cyber bullying are more likely to suffer from poor sleep and depression, warns a...

Diana Penty, Aditi Rao, Harshvardhan Kapoor, in collaboration with HMxMyntra launch

Young Bollywood actors Harshvardhan Kapoor, Aditi Rao, Aditya Seal, Diana Penty and others are all officially a part of the ongoing H&M x Myntra...

Swimming Academies in Bangalore

Wanna beat the heat ? Wanna burn you calories? Swimming is the best exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out the Swimming academies in Bangalore.

A Mumbaikar’s mool mantras

Always wondered what makes Mumbai and the Mumbaikars so different? What is it that makes the a 'Muqqadar ka Sikandar'? Golden rules, we call them. Traits that commonly exist amongst most Mumbaikars. Beliefs that they firmly believe in. These values may exist all around the globe but the unique blend of the ones noted below set them apart. So is you ever wonder what keeps Mumbaikars keep going around the clock, remember that Amrietaa slipped you the secret.

Every day is a celebration

Every day is a celebration. People not only celebrate festivals but they celebrate the culture and elements which makes their existence possible.

Marvels by Mirari-Bewitched by Royalty

"Jewellery is an art of adornment. The finesse in its crafting defines the dexterity of the maker." Ladies! Its time you give your old and boring studs a...

Things which make Mumbai a true “Sapno ka Shehar”

If a Mumbaikar has things to rant and rave about, we wouldn’t be surprised. But when the city that never sleeps appeals to out-of-territory people, it surely is matter of surprise. There is surely something about the city that makes us all – Mumbaikars and Non-Mumbaikars – fall in love with it, alike. Amrietaa decides to run undercover and discovers 13 things that non-mumbaikars love about Mumbai when they tour the city.

FlowerAura – Early Birds Offer with Free Shipping Across India on Rakhi

Gurugram, July 18th, 2019: It might seem a month away, however, the festivity of Rakhi at FlowerAura has already begun. Amid the hustle-bustle of the Rakhi preparations,...

Valentines Week 2018 : 5 promises to make to your loved ones on this...

Love is in the air! 11th Feb is considered to be the promise day in the valentine’s week. A promise is just not mere...

Mayanagri – 7 things that attract people to Mumbai

This article precisely lists down the 7 of the most popular things that attract people to the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai.