Sat. Dec 10th, 2022
bed in a box

The mattress market has witnessed a grand shift in the past few years in the United States. Retail stores and high streets are flooded with departmental stores and professional bedding stores where customers can go and actually get a trial of the mattresses creating a pressure on the tradition distribution model.

The rising trend for bed in a box mattress sells online is expanding in the US market significantly. Sold virtually on the internet, delivered in a compressed form and ready to expand out of their vacuum packs, once they arrive at your home, bed-in-a-box mattresses are conquering a big slice of the market. USA obviously is the leader in this change. It has some of the top companies filling this exponential demand.

You can find out which company is using the right business model with the right marketing strategy and giving high-quality mattresses for your purpose. Tuft & Needle, Purple, Helix are some of the prominent names of this field which render customized mattresses depending on your requirements and preferences. Every company is giving you something unique and extravagant and it is completely your call to go with a particular choice.

Being Different is The Key

Purple gives you its self-produced polymer lining in the top layer to separate its produce. Tuft & Needle surely doesn’t have a replacement or competition here. Helix gives you personalized mattresses depending on your answers to questions on the site. Bed-in-a-box has evolved from being a concept and now it is one of the most common things to be present in every house, especially in US and UK. Right from the shipping to its delivery, logistics and cost, the companies analyze everything from beforehand. 

Traditionally, people showed a little hesitation and dissatisfaction in selecting a new mattress over the conventional opened the door mattresses. But bed-in-a-box has made a seismic shift and is here to stay now. Companies with their strong marketing prospects, price-product transparency, simple selections, and optimized services experience have created an enormous demand for these mattresses. 

So many companies have joined the bandwagon but only the companies which bring differentiation in the market with a better system have a higher chance of making it through. Foam enjoy contemporary connotation in comparison to springs and yes it did grab the attention of a lot of people. With the right marketing strategy, mattress companies are still seen winning this race. 

Purple is ruling the market because of its hyperelastic polymer outermost layer teamed with polyurethane foam. Then came the spring unit followed by foam ones. Though spring manufacturing requires effort, the foam is easy to use. Partially sprung mattresses are a little bouncier in comparison to only foam mattress. This differentiation has also been liked and rewarded in the mattress market of US.

Logistics and Shipping Are Being Tackled

Bed-in-a-box concept is driving the motion to foam a lot quicker. It also helps with logistics and shipping and gives a lot more comfort in comparison to the other kind of mattresses. It is certainly the big driver to witness very strong growth in the coming time. Around 70% of the mattress buyers aim to drive comfort with their sleep. A lot of people have a conception that the materials used in the making of a mattress add to the comfort. Thus, looking out for comfort during your sleep is all that a person desires. And for this, a lot of people have switched to foam beds today. This idea is gearing up towards more foam. 

United States is witnessing a healthy growth of foams and mattresses. Though mattresses preferences in not the same all over the world but this bed-in-a-box trend has astonishingly given a bounce to the demand! The US mattresses are thicker and less firm in comparison to the ones in Europe. US people demand a softer, more supportive and comfier mattress to sleep in. 

Foam density and hardness to play a vital role in your comfort story. Bed-in-a-box is a comfort-oriented approach with high resiliency and better support. You can actually quantify the overall feel of the material, its sensation, ergonomics and support side. With the right blend of everything needed for a perfect mattresses bed in a box concept is here to stay and after the US market, it will penetrate to the other markets too and expand its legs.

If you live in United States, then find out about the top mattress producing companies at listed top 7 companies and make a comparative study of their mattresses and then go for purchase. You will never ever go wrong with your choice. With an abundance of supply, it is actually what you prefer and requires important for the companies and accordingly, the demand fluctuates. So, go ahead and plan your purchase now as nothing is better than this in the present scenario.

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