Heart touching quotes for moments that lit up your life

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Heart touching quotes give you an opportunity to pay tribute to the people, friends, and siblings who have made a lot of efforts to make your life better and beautiful. Teachers open the world of knowledge in front of you. They make you travel through books into the countries and continents adding exposure and enlightenment. These heart touching quotes will be a tribute to those sacrifices and struggle our parents and teachers have gone through to make our lives.

You always appreciate their love and warmth and want to give the same back to them in a way that fills their heart with joy and love for you. The collection of heart touching quotes will make them realize that you have not forgotten them and their efforts while you move on in life. In those streets and lanes are the memories of our childhood which brings a smile on lips and a tear in the eyes whenever I cross them.

Heart touching quotes for her that will not only touch her heart.

Nothing has ever touched me more than the innocence that makes you beautiful.

Your ability to understand the unsaid feelings and words strengthens our relationship.

Rest everything became meaningless for me after you stood by my side.

Nothing matters more than what matters to you.

I have a girl with me who knows what it means to be beautiful.

Heart touching quotes for him that will help him understand.

I never knew someone values my dreams more than me.

You are a diamond shining in the darkness and brightening the day.

I am not weak, but you give me strength. I do not fear to be alone, but I seek your company.

You wait for the waves to settle down and let the ocean be calm again.

You and I are different, yet we want only two of us accompanying each other wherever we go whatever we do.

Heart touching quotes reflect no matter how far and how away she is from you.

I am a raindrop, and you are sun shining brightly which on coming together form a rainbow.

You strengthen me with your powerful words and reenergize the flow of energy within me.

The seconds we spend together become moments of a lifetime.

You taught me the importance of being beautiful than to look beautiful.

After you have gone tamarinds tastes less sour and sugarcanes less sweet.

Heart touching quotes are for a friend that will make you call a friend.

I have all the treasures of our childhood which remind me of the friend who helped me to discover them.

You were the one who taught me the value of sharing be it things, sorrows or happiness.

Time was powerful to drive us away but not that powerful to fade away the memories of childhood.

I wanted to stop in midway, but you channelized your energies through me and made me achieve my goal and your dream.

Heart touching quotes that will pay tribute to the never-ending cute love.

Sacrifice is a short word having a long history behind which my parents never narrated to me.

The shining star that you made me today is the result of darkness that you lit up with knowledge and strength.

You taught me the meaning of living life while you were also preparing me to earn my livelihood.

The dark eyes of my parents unfold many stories of struggle and sacrifice they made to add spark in my eyes.

Heart touching quotes show how much you value to be part of his life.

It was never my success. I owe it to you.

You knew my weaknesses, and you prepared me to face them as a challenge and win over them.

Your faith in my abilities was an answer to all my doubts and confusions.

Out of all the treasures you gave me I value the ethics and morals you taught me. They leave an impression wherever I go whatever I do.


Best Life Quotes that will make you look over the journey you have traveled till now with the love and grace of your loved ones.  You can never forget the days when scorching heat of summers meant for us to lie under the shade of mango tree and hit at the ripe fruit. The heart touching quotes will remind you of the times when your parents strengthened you and your teachers lit up the path of knowledge for you.

These heart touching quotes will make your heart full of happiness and love when you recall the moments you lived with your friends, siblings sharing the scolding and secrets and living a life of your dreams within those short moments. The heart touching quotes will help you to show gratitude, love, and appreciation to all those lovely people you are fortunate to have in your life.


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