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Lifestyle of a Bangalorian women

The lifestyle of Bangalorian women. The way a woman stands out and makes her stand to prove herself. No matter how mediocre the work shall be.

A woman is known to be that living soul who is entrenched with all the goodness and excellence. She strives and yearns for years together, but is she really ever given the worth for the same ? Well, let me take you on a journey to discover the woman of
The Incredible India !

Our nation is blessed with the best of states and cities. But it would be really difficult for me to explain them in about 1000+ words too. Hence, today I’ve chosen the beautiful metropolis of Bangalore to be the talk of the town! Not like I dislike the rest of the cities, but there is a distinct charisma in this beautiful city. And I feel that is reflect due to the warm hearts and sharp minds at the same time! While talking about work it usually makes a human mind think about a man earning the bread, but the city is filled with surprises. Thinking of who else would be paid for the hard work? – WOMEN!! And the lifestyle of a Bangalorian women has made everything possible.

Women here are much more active and enthusiastic than men. No doubt even the men work, but these queens stand out!! It’s not like they just work in the multinationals and Cooperates, but they serve their city by giving their smallest of inputs too. Still didn’t really figure out what I’m trying to say? Let me take no longer and portray these unsung-heroes!!

So, how does it feel when the whole house is in a mess. You are clueless of where your clothes are, Don’t know who would keep the kitchen spick and span, who would wash all the clothes and keep them intact so you can dress crisp the next time !! Well, it is the care-taker rather as colloquially tagged a maid! But do you think she’s really a servant? she takes care of the families she’s come across just days ago. Usha Majhi, just like every other caretaker says, “We work to supplement the family income, as our men desert the family for another woman or they are alcoholics. The main reason we work is poverty and a big family. We are forced to demand our rights as we also have to keep our hearth burning.’’

After going from the workplace she feeds her family, tackles her drunkard husband, takes care of her in laws and after all the domestic work gets completed she manages to sleep for four to five hours. The day for her starts off from 5!! Ever thought of living in her shoes we would never stop complaining but she, she does it beautifully. No frowns and fears, she smiles and gives the world her service for that 3 -4 digit money! In the end we are all slaves to our needs, as so is she. But she is still an unsung hero. Weird, isn’t it ?

So now that I’ve tried dusting away the grim away, lets get on the endless streets of Bangalore. But walking all the while would be tiring so here they are! Public Transport. And guess what, You’d be as shocked as I was when I came across this lady. Thinking of who she was? No, she wasn’t the one walking down the lane but driving along. Venkatalakshmi, this fearless lady drives her auto in the crave of fulfilling the dreams of her family as well as her. Yet another question just popped up on what would be her dream? Well, she wanted to be a lawyer. For 13 years, she drove an auto that took care of her family’s subsistence that aided her to become what she desired of. Becoming a lawyer was what she aspired for and today, she is one. It was during the last five years of her life as an auto driver that she spent preparing for her law exams and in 2010 had successfully graduated from Babu Jagjivanram Law College in Basaveshwarnagar. She is now a successful lawyer with a dream and agenda of her own.


Dreams do not need class or money too in that matter. One just needs the passion. And Venkatalakshmi is that hard-working lady who has proved her self ! She didn’t stop or grieve on her destiny but she did strive hard to change her luck. And as it is rightly said that, You have the power to write your own destiny. And she’s proved it all !

We humans are very funny, we love talking and hyping about those who have a stroke of glam on them, but we fail to even compliment the ones who are around us right from the start of our day ! Ever thanked the auto-driver or a cab-driver who dropped you home after the flamboyant party? Ever felt like giving a bottle of water to the police man who is on duty at the middle of the night away from his family? Haha, why would you? All we say is its their duty ! Who are we to care? And that’s how you think for men, how would it be for women?

Thoough I’m glad that the women in Bangalore are blessed with all the support and respect! Our nation’s beauty lies within them, without a lady a man is as incomplete as he is without his eye-sight!!

All I would ,in the end, like to state for the Bangalorian women is :
“A strong woman knows she has strength, enough for the journey; but a woman of strength knows it is the journey where she will become strong. “

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