Valentines Week 2018 : 5 promises to make to your loved ones on this promise day

Love is in the air! 11th Feb is considered to be the promise day in the valentine’s week. A promise is just not mere words spoken as it holds much more value and meaningful. Some promises can change a frown face into a smiling one.

So, here are some cute promises that you can make to your loved ones.

1. Trying to be on time

For all the late runners, this possibly one of the best promise you can give to your dear ones. Sometimes you might be late but try to make it little as possible.

2. Call more often

We often get so busy with work and all that we forget to check in with our dear ones. Not only girlfriend or boyfriend, this promise can be made to your family and siblings.

3. Unplanned trips

It always feels good to go out on a short trip with your someone special especially when it is unplanned. Give him or her that promise and that bright smile.

4. Listening

Be it bitching about someone, be it feelings or just absolutely gibberish, we all need someone to listen to us. Give her or him this promise because it is very much needed by everyone.

5. Always being there

This promise is for the long run. Having someone who is always there for you and loving you no matter what, is probably the best gift a person can gift another.

So promise day, give her or him something money can’t buy but is something everyone wants.