5 not so cool things about Bangalore

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Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan
Part time journalist, full-time observer. Editor-in-Chief at The Indian Wire. I cover updates related to business and startups.

Bangalore – This city needs no introduction in the Global arena, be it on culture, or clubbing, or technology, or start-ups, or rich history, or be in plain awesomeness! This city demands a lot of love and respect in many collective aspects that many other cities don’t even stand a chance.

However, every Achilles has his heel, and Bangalore is not an exception – we have our fair share of pain-points as well. Though on the surface, I might seem anti-Bangalorean, I can, in all my confidence, assure you that I would have at least a thousand awesome things to state, countering the mere five awful things stated here.

With all due apologies to the Bangalore-purists and the die-hard fans of this great city, here I proceed:

1) Traffic:



If logic need not be followed, ‘traffic’ alone would figure out on all the ten to be stated. We live in a city where there are more bottlenecks than signals, more one-ways that multi-lanes and more time spent stationary than moving, especially during peak hours.

Yeah! There’s a historic reason to it. Bangalore was a military settlement unlike the other metros that have quite an urban beginning. While all other cities were merely ‘growing,’ Bangalore was literally booming. Ask your grandparents about the times when Koromangla was outskirts!

While these can be mere excuses, there’s no time to explain all these – and even you will not accept these reasons when you have moved mere 100 meters in 20 minutes when you have to reach office.

With newer transport coming up, let us hope this ‘traffic problem’ breaks its synonymy from Bangalore as soon as possible.

2) Garbage:



For a city that boasts about cosmopolitan lifestyle, solid waste management is surely a Himalayan challenge to overcome. With people pouring in from all corners of the Globe, and with the number of households per area increasing, the production of garbage is growing exponentially when the residential facilities aren’t that fast-paced in their growth. This has resulted in an unwelcome stink in the oddest places, a lot of mosquitoes, and it adds quite some to the disgust-quotient of this city.

There’s a solution that Bangalore wouldn’t love, and a solution that’s making a few cities suffer – dumping them in lakes. Yeah! We like the way your face changed. We are not up for it either.

Let us give it some more time, and until then, it will be a minimal compromise that we will have to do.  While it’s agreed that the Govt. bodies are a little complacent in dealing with garbage, it’s just about the pace and no longer about the initiative. Let’s hope for a change – the sooner the better!

3) The Autos – PS: I am proud of and happy about the sting operation by the Bangalore Traffic Police on city autos. At the same time, I’ll also have to admit that the operation has not entirely curbed the issue in the roots.

autorickshaw-in-Bangalore ICB


There is no problem when expectations are set right. Trumpeting to the entire planet that Bangalore autos run by meter, and then charging insanely exorbitant amounts for short distances is what makes the Bangalore auto-experience miserable. The trouble is double when you are in the ‘alighting points’ of buses like Silk Board, Madivala, Shanti Nagara and Majestic KBS – the auto drivers are pros in the art of fleecing a city-visitor, and that’s not the right image you set for the city.

Bangalore Autos have oxymoronic excuses for not going by the meter: Heavy traffic – fuel wasted and no traffic – no return, too short a distance for meter and too long a distance for meter.If things like these are chopped at the roots, and autos go by proper-meter defined rates, these autos, than being a pain-point, will become a proud-point for the city.

4) Diminishing greenery:


I remember the Bangalore of the mid 90s when my mom would require a sweater for Bangalore mornings, even in peak summer-months. The roads would be bathed on shadows, oblivious to the sun that still shines bright and hard in summer. When it came to Bangalore, “Garden City” was felt throughout the place. However, this is not the case these days – Bangalore has become close to most other tropical cities. This can be mainly attributed to the growing demand for real-estate space, the felling of trees, rapid urban deforestation, and not to mention the growing number of vehicles that passively contribute to the raging temperatures.As long as these factors continue to bring down the pleasantness-quotient of Bangalore, the term ‘Garden City’ will only reflect a celebrated era of bygone glory! Let us not make it happen.

5) The Cost of Living:


Before anyone jumps to facts like delicious and affordable food and shopping, there’s nothing against Bangalore in these aspects. However, the pain-point is when it comes to rental expenses.The immediate turnoffs for any new person entering Bangalore are i) the rent, ii) The 10-month or 1 year advance, iii) the brokerage fees. If only the ‘aam aadmis’ were rich enough to shell out a lakh in advance, they might as well take a little more and make it a down-payment for a flat that replace their rent with EMIs.

It is understandable that these things have never stopped Bangalore from being the best city that attracts talents from all over the county to come in here and bask in the best of what the country could possibly offer in the city. It’s just the fury and frustration for a beloved Bangalore citizen that these factors are keeping this Silicon Valley of India far less awesome than it could possibly be!!



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