The Ugly Indian – Kaam Chalu Mooh bandh

You must have seen garbage allocated on the streets, dirty walls, potholes etc; Do you ignore it or think about it? Join the ugly indian to bring the change

Beautiful Roads in Bangalore- NH7

The NH7 stretch is exceptionally great giving the users a soothing driving experience. Checkout the beautiful roads in Bangalore.

How well do you know Mumbai?

This article is a short quiz lined up for all the Mumbai enthusiasts to test your knowledge about the city that’s to die for! Like, comment and share this fun filled quiz with your buddies!

Best reasons to date a Bangalore girl

Love needs no reason. It just happens. Wanna date a Bangalore girl? Read further.

SP Road- The Electronics Hub of Bengaluru

It is the electronic hub of Bangalore which has all the electrical products. Must visit SP Road once to get cheap goods.

Get the picture?

Here’s another edition of the Mumbai quiz section. What’s more fun than looking at a picture and playing the guessing game? Here’s one for you as well, designed by Shruti Barot , that tests your knowledge of this city and its famous spots. Take a look at the picture and guess what it depicts.

The timeline of today’s Mumbai

The timeline of today's Mumbai revolves around the people and the dreams that they live. Also does the history make a great difference.

Bangalore-Mysore Highway to be structured

Bangalore-Mysore Highway is an accident prone zone. The commuters can remain assured now as 28 humps had been removed and the remaining work will soon process.
UB city

10 attractions for the newbies in Bangalore

This post is for the people who are new to Bangalore and who want to see the best side of Bangalore.About all the best things you can do here.

Rising Accidents – A Threat in Bangalore

Who dreams of an accidental death? We leave our homes to return in the evenings, taking all the cautions while driving to avoid the accidents. Read more