Bangaloreans cry for justice!

One cannot play with the emotions of any human being. The rape case of a 6 year old girl by the staff members of the school have woken up the entire city. There were around 3000 people who joined hands, and were protesting against the culprits and the school authority who were responsible for sexually assaulting a 6 year old minor. The 6 km walk in the city from HAL to Hebbal police station was a cry for Justice. The Protestants used black dresses, black bands and were holding placards displaying anti rape messages.


They also staged a two-hour protest at the ground adjacent to the Police Station. The Protest was joined by youngsters, school children, parents and the grandparents. The Police tried to console the protestants, but all in vain. The parents wanted to put forward their 10 point demand to the Police Commissioner, but they were assured that actions will be taken against the culprits and faith in the law will help them out.

The Parents of the victim urged the Police to ensure that the evidence is not destroyed and also requested for a speedy trial of the accused in the fast-track courts. They also demanded that the license of the school must be cancelled as no parents would want to risk the life of their kids. The School Management is also answerable for locking the kid in a dark room as part of the punishment, which indirectly prompted the staff members to take the advantage of the situation. The school will be closed till 22nd July; the day when the parents and the Management would meet.

It was more frustrating for the parents, when the other schools asked them to sign a form which indicated that the Schools and their staffs were not responsible for the safety of the students. It also added that if the student is participating in any school event, excursions, field trips and camps, the school staff will not be responsible for any untoward incident. This new rule of the school left the parents in a shocking state.

I hope investigation will thoroughly be done in this case and the culprit will soon be punished. There must be strict laws in the society to prevent recurrence of such dreadful incidents .



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