Beautiful Roads in Bangalore- NH7


Bangalore, being a metropolitan city, is well connected via an extensive road network. Some are so rough that driving on them is a nightmare while some are so smooth that you get the illusion of your vehicle flying on wheels. This article is about the best of the latter kind.

NH7- a road you must drive upon if you’re a true Bangalorean. While there are many smooth roads, this one particularly stands out.

The NH7, or Hosur road, is broad and has been maintained very well. It is a part of the prestigious Golden Quadrilateral connecting the four metros of the country. It starts from the Silk Board Junction on Madiwala and goes a long way down. Until you pass electronic city, the journey is relatively slow owing to the heavy traffic. However, it becomes a joy ride thence. From electronic city to the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border takes a mere 20 minutes and you end up in Hosur, an industrial town with the peace of Mother Nature at its heart.


Following Hosur, there is a ghat section upto Krishnagiri that is idyllic and breezy. It is abound in scenic beauty and is brilliant to drive upon early in the morning or post sundown. Beyond Krishnagiri, there are lush green plains lining either side that are heaven to one’s eyes. Speed is anything but a restraining factor. There are those times when you really want to step on the gas but also want to soak in the welcoming natural beauty around, this is the place to be in. You might also want to keep your camera in handy as such splendid breathtaking natural beauty is not seen often and is worth capturing.

To sum it up, if you want to hear the wind howl in your ears and enjoy some scenic beauty, NH7 is the way to go. Just hop on and take a ride on one of the smoothest roads ever with a stunning view of nature. Driving on this road can be aptly described as a pleasure in the true sense of the word.


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