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Best Things about Bangalore (Bengaluru)

A real life experience which I had with Bangalore. After spending a few years here, I have listed a few best things about Bangalore.

I had heard a lot about Bangalore. After I was born and brought up in North India, I first came to know about Bangalore when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I was in 8th standard that time.

I got so interested in Bangalore after learning that it was the “IT city of India” (Something which interests me a lot, being so interested in computer). By that time, I had launched myself in blogging and I was doing pretty well in studies as well as other activities. I had to convince my parents to send me out of Rajasthan all the way to Bangalore to study, provided I was just 14 when I completed my 10th but somehow, my parents agreed.


First days in Bangalore

First time I came to Bangalore on May 15, 2010 at 6am by Rajdhani express. May was a very hot month in Rajasthan, but my first experience in Bangalore gave a very relaxing feeling and I decided I was going to stay here for long.

I had come here with a great amount of excitement. Everything used to feel great. Every single thing I wanted to explore in order to get familiar with Bangalore. It’s been almost 3 years now and today I am writing my experience how I felt coming to Bangalore, staying here for 3 years and actually decided to shift here permanently in some years.

What I like about Bangalore

Bangalore (Bengaluru) is city of Gardens. The peaceful environment, the greenery, which attracts most of the visitors here, can’t be found at most places in India. There are parks at almost every street, trees on both sides of roads which maintains the best climatic conditions all over India.

The temperature here never goes too high or too low. Unlike Rajasthan, the climate is very moderate and that is something, I felt in love with. You can always roam in shorts-sleeveless or a sleeveless jacket. No extreme summer (This year is an exception) and no extreme winter. A lot of seasonal rain in Bangalore makes sure you enjoy every bit of it.

There are hell lot of places to visit, to hangout like shopping centers, malls and roadside shopping complexes. You can go, try, bargain and buy.

The public transport is also extremely good and buses are available to roam anywhere in Bangalore for a minimal charge. People behave very disciplined on the road which makes sure that people of Bangalore never experience those huge traffic jams like Delhi.

About the people of Bangalore

There were a lot of problems in the starting while adjusting with the strangers. I dint know kannada (I still don’t), I dint know how to communicate, there are people who know Hindi and English but not everyone. People with roadside stalls are often kannada speakers (Kannadigas) and the outsiders like me have problem communicating with them.

Apart from that, I always liked the people here. People are very much religious and that can be seen every single morning when many of the people go to temples bare foot. The temples always smell like a white flower (I don’t know what do they call that), but the same flower can also be found in the hair of women out there. Being religious, in India sometimes makes you superstitious. I was very much surprised when I saw some bald ladies for the first time, curiously, I went and asked one of them and she replied, this was because they donated their hair to a temple in Andhra (Aippa Swami). When I actually researched a bit about that temple, I came across a really interesting thing, Aippa swami is considered as third son of Lord Shiva, about whom I never heard in North India.

The best thing, about the people I like here is the management they have in their lives. People are really professional, no matter what age group they belong to, male or female, everyone wants to work for their better future. The competitiveness and dedication of bangaloreans is far more than that of North Indians. I can still remember, one of my roommate in a PG last year, left Bangalore complaining that there is a lot of work without masti. There I realized why Bangalore is so successful compared to Delhi and other cities.

About the food here


I am a foodie, after going to any new place, I just look for food. The same thing happened when I came to Bangalore. The stable food here is rice and I had never tasted that in my life. I experienced taste of Rice for the first time as a meal after coming to Bangalore, and then I tried many other dishes like Dosa, Idli, Rasam, Sambhar, Upma. I liked some, disliked some, but this gave me a whole new range of dishes as options. I really love Rasam and dosa and unfortunately Upma comes in my hatred list. I love the biryani which is served in the restaurants and the wide variety of non-veg allows me to try out a new dish every time I go out to have food.

Overall, this has been a great experience till now, being in Bangalore and I hope for a great time later too. I have decided to be here for a longer time and I know Bangalore would never disappoint me.

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