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Few facts about Bengaluru Elections and Voters

Modi at election rally

Elections for the Karnataka Assembly are going to take place tomorrow. People are excited, political parties are charged. However, Political parties are somewhere worried because of a statistical fact that Bengaluru did not receive even 50% votes compared to the number of voters in the city.

In the last assembly election which took place in 2008, Bengaluru received a mere 44% votes as compared to the total number of voters according to the voting list. The city, which is considered the IT hub of India received 47% votes in the General elections in 2009, which actually proves that no matter if it is for state or the central government, people of Bengaluru are very less interested in voting.

Being the IT hub and a very well managed place, I never thought that results like this would ever be possible in Bengaluru, but after reading at some on the online and offline places, this was a real shock to me.

Not only me, that would have surely been a shock to all those people who were involved in election campaign and who had asked other people to go and vote.

The condition goes worse, because the percentage of voters in Bengaluru is even less than the average percentage of Karnataka. In spite of being largely a rural place, Karnataka registered 51% voting in 2008 assembly elections compared to 44% in Bengaluru.

In these elections, where the main parties are struggling to make a guess about the results, this percentage might come out very very handy. Because the parties like Congress, BJP and KJP don’t seem to have clear outcome, now this depends on the voters of Bengaluru and I am sure the vote percentage this time is going to have a large impact.

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