Gurgaon – Cyber city or Crime city?

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As I begin writing this article about a much more advanced Gurgaon than it was a decade ago, I’d like to inform you all that I do know a lot about the place not because its just some kilometers outside or because it has a lot malls(partly because of it) but because I was a regular traveller to this city for 2 years, i used to visit it every weekend sometimes weekdays too!

IMG_2421So now, i’d share my views on this “Leading industrial and financial capital of India”.

Let’s begin with some history it was not always that rosy for Gurgaon till Delhi banned all industries, this sparked a boom and the DLF who had bought large amounts of lands already made merry.
Within a single decade it now houses more than half of fortune 500 companies who have transformed the place with huge beautiful building adorning the place along with roads that some people say are of the level of those found in Developed countries.

Now lots been said, lets move on when I started to visit this place back in 2011 I realized that there were was one very disturbing similarity between Dubai and Gurgaon, that being beyond the ever growing malls, hotels, stores and other places to visit there is a huge population which has been still not being able to visit these place let alone afford them even though they live close by.

Everytime my classes used to get over late, and  I used to walk over to the bus stop, there was just one light for the whole stretch.

Now that was a experience no one wants to be in when you read newspapers everyday and know the graph of crime in Gurgaon is competing with that of their being declared financial capital.

And it’s just not me anyone who has been there will testify that beyond the malls there is only darkness, no I mean literally, but over the 2 years that i went there there were many improvements towards the situation like having not 1 but 2 lights for the whole stretch *Applauding*

Now back to topic there has been some significant improvements like opening of a rail network which has made the traveling more easier for everyone who works or lives there, more and more housing societies have been opening up which I feel which only force the authorities to do something better yes force because you know they wont do anything until its big (no, not human lives its a small thing) big as in big building, some function etc.

A prime example can be the expressway that has been built is between a cluster if villages many who require to go the other side to work but the genius who planned it did not give a provision such as foot-over bridge at regular intervals but rather one bridge thats located near a red-light from where people can cross easily, this alone is a main cause for accidents in the city.
Many would argue that it happens all over the world(crimes) agreed but atleast there were some measures  IMG_2424taken in those places rather than issuing a indirect message like dont go alone, dont stay out late you these sorts.

Many people head out to Gurgoan to party late in night but I bet none of them who heads out there relies on public transport not even men and all of them prefer a group or even private transport, if you think i am exaggerating just do a quick google search on crimes in gurgaon!!!

So, yes there is similarity between Dubai and Gurgaon both are hiding whats wrong with us with all the glamour and bling.

With the setting up American company General Electrics which brought the influx of companies into the state moving around the city will bring forward the names of companies that you would have never thought had a HQ in India.

Here’s hoping that these financial powerhouse companies do bring out a change that’s really required by the people who work there and those who visit it.

Yes, Gurgaon is a cyber city its worth its tag but does being just cyber city absolves it of all thats wrong, NO, it does not.


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