Rising Accidents – A Threat in Bangalore




Accidents are unpredictable. None of us would leave our home with the thought that we would never return back. We all want to be safe and we ensure that we use all the safety measures to prevent any mishaps. Irrespective of being a good rider and following all the traffic rules, we fall victims to these accidents. There has been a rise in the  Road accidents  in Bangalore and it has been a tough time for the Police officials to handle these cases. The newspapers are filled with accident news leaving the common man scared and helpless.



Hosur Road is one such area which is accident prone. There have been repetitive complaints from the public for the road being unsafe for the commuters. Recently Avinash, 26 was succumbed to head injuries leading to his death as his motorcycle rammed a divider which was a few meters from St. John’s hospital. On April 19, a 40 year old man was knocked down by a truck on the same spot at Hosur road. Further investigation led us to the following facts about Hosur road:

  • Poor lighting
  • Bad Road Conditions
  • Unscientific Junctions
  • Lack of facilities for pedestrians
  • Unidentified humps



These black spots should be identified in other roads of the city as well and should be rectified to prevent further accidents. A team of Indian Institute of Science in association with the Bangalore Traffic police has taken an initiative on this. They have launched a new project “Mapping of all accident locations in Bangalore City”, which will focus on the roads where repetitive accidents occur. The team will gather all the accident related data and details from the Traffic division of Bangalore.  A complete Analysis would be done and measures would be taken to rectify those Accident prone Zones.  Hoping the best from the team!


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