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Kannada Baruthe : Learn to speak Kannada online


Kannada is the official language of Karnataka. Kannada is spoken in Karnataka and people who speak Kannada are called Kannadigas. Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka, and is booming with diverse people from major other states. The sad thing about Bengaluru is that only very few people here know Kannada, even though they’ve been living here for generations. Working knowledge of Kannada is essential and useful for the people living in Karnataka.

“Kannada baralla” – this is the first and the only Kannada phrase any non Kannadiga learns. While it is probably good to learn that for a non Kannadiga, it is sad that they don’t go beyond that.


In an attempt to promote the beauty of Kannada as a language, a group of seven people from IT sector, working on a beneficial website known as ‘Kannada Baruthe’  which will help people learn spoken Kannada so they can converse with people they meet in their daily lives – vegetable vendors, maids and, of course, auto drivers.


To promote their valuable website, the Seven people from the IT sector are initiating their campaign by selling of T-shirts with messages in Kannada -on Kannada Rajyotsava,which falls on November 1. This initiative is to encourage non-Kannadigas, to move from “Kannada Baralla” to “Kannada Baruthe” so that they can closely relate to the land, language and locals here. Kannada is an extremely simple and also the richest regional language with 8 Jnanpith Awards. This site is an attempt to make Kannadigas feel proud of “Kannada Baruthe” and proclaim it in public.

The fantastic leaders of this amazing group are Rudraprasad Nanjundappa, Venkatesh Rao, Akshay Mallabaddi, Naveen Gowda, Manjunatha Rudranna, Dhananjay Papanna and Roopashree C S. Their ideas have always been unique and interesting, they are selling such shirts for the last two years, to be worn on the closest Friday after Rajyotsava. A person among the group says that their idea is not to teach literature to those who have come to Karnataka, but just get them to start talking in Kannada language.


During their first campaign, they sold T-shirts which read ‘Mannina Maga’ or son of the soil. The design and message gave them much popularity and now they are back again this year with their new the theme is, ‘Kannada Baruthe’ (I know Kannada). Since all of them are from different companies in the Bagmane Tech Park, they approach a wider audience via emails and social networking sites.

The main motto of this website is to spread to message to protect our language and culture in and around Bengaluru. So if you are a Kannadiga, feel proud of Kannada language and use it without reticence and then teach it to your non Kannadiga friends.

Finally I conclude my post saying that, the team of IT professionals is doing a great job who have transitioned from “Kannada Barutha??” to “Kannada Baruthe!!” and now that we are comfortable and proud about our language, culture and land and can proclaim about it proudly in public.

Here is a beautiful link to learn few simple Kannada words and sentences which can be very helpful while speaking to local people like Government Offices, Electricity Department, Auto Rickshaw Guy, Your Servant Maid so on.

So from now on you need not say : Kannada Baralla but Kannada Baruthe 🙂

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