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Mumbai – a Mystery.

Mumbai - a mystery. Right from the people who are born to the ones who visit. But no one feels like a visitor, everyone feel like a MUMBAIKAR !!

Wondering on what the title depicts? Well, all what you’d be reading on this page will take you on trip to those interiors of the city that you’d not resist yourself from visiting !! So what are you waiting for?? Scroll down and go through some exciting places that you’d not miss a chance to visit !! Much Uniqueness that Mumbai has but Bombay Attains It – M.U.M.B.A.I.  !!

Much Uniqueness that Mumbai has and Bombay Attains It.
Much Uniqueness that Mumbai has and Bombay Attains It.

The very first on the hit list is the so called CHOR BAZAAR – the market with a touch of vintage ! This city is shadowed with history and so does it go with its interiors too.This place was called Shor Bazaar – noisy market, but due to the British mispronunciations it was then tagged as the so called Chor Bazaar. To not much a surprise, the market lived up to the name. People started selling off all the lost and stolen material here. It is often said that, ” Things if lost can once again be bought from Chor Bazaar !” This place is not only meant for things that are robbed but even for antiques !! The era which has passed can be lived by buying the handicrafts at a price till which one can bargain !!

Looking for anything antique??
Looking for anything antique??

Apart from all the commercial and economical destinations, Mumbai also has certain areas where people meet up and laugh their hearts out. At a very famous joint of Mumbai – The Marine Drive, a group of people come together and laugh. They have entitled themselves as The Laughter Club. They are not even ashamed of it, because according to them people do not really genuinely have time to even smile. And they make an effort to laugh as hard as possible. Also it being contagious, many people keep joining the club irrespective of the age.

After having a look at both the place full of antiques and the one which cherishes life, let me also highlight the place which is absolutely beautiful. In this world where we see just the cemented scrapers around we fail to look at the nature or even the elements at the first place. The place where one would get N-number of flowers and would be surrounded by nature : The Mahalaxmi station. HUH?? station?? This is a place where right from 6o’clock in the morning women with basket full of fresh flowers sit to sell beautiful flowers from roses till lotus !! The place is conditioned by the sweet aroma of these flowers. The patience and hard work that they put in is commendable. One should try and talk to them to know what really life is ! We have petty difficulties in coping up with studies or handling relations and land up committing suicide. But they, at every stage they struggle but still live and earn a life !

This city really surprises everyone who has been here since birth and also for the ones who’ve visited ! Really today I would really agree to what Yash Chopra had once stated !


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