Navi Mumbai – a part and apart!

Navi Mumbai – the Satellite City, is one of the largest planned townships on the outskirts of Mumbai. It was developed in 1972. Thedeciding factor for it coming into existence was the rising problem of migrants overcrowding Mumbai, a problem that could not go unnoticed. Hence CIDCO (City & Industrial Development Corporation) was the one to actually shape the structure of Navi Mumbai.


Today Navi Mumbai is home to more than 11 lakh residents. Initially, when Navi Mumbai was at its nascent stage, the people living here were considered to be living on the wrong side of the tracks. But soon due to rapid modernization and intensive planning, the property pundits were proven wrong. Navi Mumbai emerged as one of the best planned and well maintained cities of Maharashtra.


So what is it that sets Navi Mumbai apart? Well, for starters it is a lot more spacious that Mumbai. And by lot, I mean A LOT. Congested roads, overcrowded public joints or even the constant honking of traffic is something you will seldom find in Navi Mumbai. Comparatively posh railway stations, premiere educational institutes and ample of recreation facilities are some of the things that Navi Mumbaikars boast about.

Okay, enough with the introduction. Now let’s get to the interesting part.

Attractions of Navi Mumbai

The Mall Culture Navi Mumbai, much like its elder sibling, has a range of malls that are the pulse of the city. The biggest mall of Navi Mumbai is Inorbit Mall which is a perfect Sunday getaway for those living here.  It has a range of eateries, coffee shops, kid’s zone, gaming zone, and buffet restaurants and of course most of the national and international brands. The same goes for the others as well like Center One Mall, Little World Mall, Raghuleela etc.

The attractive parks Navi Mumbai has abundant parks in almost every sector but some of them are really striking. The Central Park (still developing) is the highlight of Navi Mumbai. Modeled on Central Park, New York and Hyde Park, London, it consists of nearly 200 acres of jogging tracks, watersports, cricket and football grounds, amphitheater and a lot more. Once fully developed it will be the largest garden in Asia. The 18 hole Kharghar Valley Golf course is also one of its kind. Others in this list include Wonder Park and Rock garden.  And hence the lush Navi Mumbai landscape grows more enchanting day by day.

Palm Beach Road & NMMC  HQ The iconic Palm Beach road is a beautiful stretch of almost 10 kilometers which runs parallel to the Mumbai Harbour. It is a lover’s delight as the people here enjoy going on long drives on this beautiful road.  The property rates along this road are known to be sky high due to the scenic view that it offers. The NMMC headquarters on this road is a state of the art facility that has both a traditional and modern appearance.


DY Patil Stadium The DY Patil Stadium is definitely the pride of Navi Mumbai. It has all the frills and fancies of an international sporting facility. It has brilliantly hosted many cricket matches of the Indian Premier League and also the 2008 IPL finals. The stadium also includes 9 tennis hard courts, 4 indoor badminton courts and an Olympic sized swimming pool. Apart from sports, the stadium is also known to host concerts by legends like the A. R. Rahman.

Waterfronts The mini sea shore in Navi Mumbai has a 2 km jogging track around the lake. It is not only famous as a romantic spot but many senior citizens and children are also seen here in the evenings. The beauty of this place is felt the most during monsoon. During the weekends there are small amusement rides and horse rides here. The Navi Mumbaikars find this stretch no less thrilling than Marine Drive. Some others in this category include Sarovar Vihar and Sagar Vihar which have similar attributes.

In conclusion, Navi Mumbai is both a part of and apart from Mumbai. It has definitely outdone Mumbai in striking a perfect balance between urbanization and pristine beauty. Navi Mumbai has matched stride for stride and has delivered to its residents the perfect home in an almost perfect city.

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