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Nightlife in Bangalore – Party till you crash!

Cheer Up, party animals. You dont have to hurry up anymore. Grab a drink & party hard till midnight. Your time is extended.


Party Hard! is the mantra of Bangaloreans to deal with the stressful life. Bangalore has toiled hard to be known as pub city of India. It has the highest number of pubs compared to other metropolitan cities in India. It has lured people not only by its charming climate, delicious food, but also by the night life. People from the nearby cities visit Bangalore on weekends to surrender themselves to the happening parties organized by various pubs & clubs. Who wouldn’t love to fall in the pool of those Kingfisher bottles, the sensational beats, the uncontrolled movement of the legs leading you to the dance floor? The combination swirls you to a different world seizing all your worries & workloads (temporarily).



Before you get completely drenched into the pool of thoughts, the music stops, the lights goes on & suddenly you realize its 11.00 p.m the deadline for the party’s’ to be halted & the pubs to be closed. You get disappointed & agitated. You yell at the bar tenders & the Management to let the music go on & to your surprise you are thrown out by the tall, dark & of course handsome Bouncers. They thank you silently for giving them an opportunity to justify their salary. You curse the Government for not extending the deadline for the night life, ignoring the loyalty of a party animal.

The Government did hear the voices of the common man & had extended the timings for Bangalore nightlife.  Though it is a temporary declaration for 3 months, yet it has left a great impact on bangaloreans- 1 more reason to party hard! The eateries, Bars, Pubs, Discs can remain open till 1.00 p.m. The change has already impacted the city since March 2014, resulting an increase in the RSVP s & Guest list. The pubs are all geared up to organize events & utilize the calendar dates before the tenure lapses.



Get ready to adapt to this new timing & enjoy the sizzling parties in he city.

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