An Initiative by the police, Threat to Public Smokers

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We all have watched the awful advertisement in the cinema halls, threatening the public about the impacts of smoking, throwing a light on the lung infections, throat cancer and other dreadful diseases. The motive is not to scare the audience but to educate them about the ill effects of Tobacco & smoking. There is also an advertisement which shows am emotional connect between a father (smoker) and a daughter, where the father is forced to quit smoking to protect his daughter from the effects of nicotine. There are nearly 1 million deaths annually in India due to smoking. There has been an increase in the active and passive smokers in the recent years.

The government has taken several measures to reduce the count of smokers. There are several hoardings signaling the public to quit smoking, several videos have been issued in public interest to stop the smokers, several laws are formed to control smoking, but all in vain. The public are determined not to quit cigarettes owing stress as a reason. They are addicted to nicotine to such an extent that they cannot imagine a day without it.



Bengaluru has gone a step further to stop public smoking as passive smokers can also subjected to risk of cancer and other heart diseases. The police commissioner Mr.  Raghavendra Auradkar has appealed to the public to capture the pictures of public smokers and upload it on Bangalore police facebook page and the police officials will take immediate action. The public can also dial 100 and intimate the officials about the smokers in public. The nearest patrol police will reach the spot and nab the culprit which will be a lesson for the fellow public smokers. The identity will not be revealed yet, it will be an eye opener for others.

This measure is a part of an intensified drive against smoking in public places under the COPTA Act. The Bengaluru Police had to come out with innovative ideas to save the passive smokers. It also causes inconvenience to non smokers as public places are commonly shared. The restaurants, bus stops, railways stations are all public places and hence these places should be well maintained.


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