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Faceapp : The new internet trend to go 50 years in future

FaceApp is going viral with a brand new age challenge and it’s all thanks to its latest old person filter. FaceApp first went viral in 2017, but with many updates since then, the technology has become even more realistic, causing it to go viral once again. The free version offers a limited choice of filters, but don’t worry, the one that ages you is available for free. You also have options to change your face, including changing your mouth to a smile, change the color of your hair, and swap genders. You’re also able to go back in time, even though the younger filters for some reason aren’t as realistic, and aren’t as much fun to use. Maybe because we already know what we looked like when we were younger, so the app’s success rate with that transformation is lower since users have no idea what they’re going to look like in the future.


When downloading any new app, users get permission dialogue boxes on both iOS and Android. Read carefully permissions that you are clicking ‘Allow’ to.

Never use your social media account to use any third-party apps as that would allow the app more access to your data than it would have otherwise. For example, if you use Facebook to login to an app like FaceApp, they may be able to gain access to device details, or even behaviour patterns.

In all cases, any data you voluntarily or involuntarily supply can then be used by the app or sold as data.

Try your best to block access of apps into your gallery or personal files. For apps that don’t require it, block access to camera and microphone as well. You may not think it matters, but these permissions hinder data privacy and security. If you feel your data is being misused, check the settings of the app in detail to check that security settings have not been compromised.

With such fascinating filters and features, FaceApp is one of the examples validating how AI is making a strong presence in the entertainment sector. Proving how beneficial it can be for businesses to invest in AI– an investment which can get them massive profits and fame.

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