Google Drive gets new Material redesign on both Android and iOS platforms

Google Drive

Google has revealed that Google Drive is the latest G suite app to get “a new look and feel” with the Material redesign for both iOS and Android platforms. The material theme will provide the apps with new colors and icons as well as a new layout. Google Drive is getting significant navigation overhaul with the new update. Google has added features like bottom navigation, an expanded search bar, and a new account switcher.

Google has added a new Home tab, which “surface the files that are most important to you,” like on the desktop. The tab will bring files based on the last time a user edits or accesses a file, which specific files are frequently shared, and what files are used at specific times of the day, as per the latest Google blog. Moreover, Google has added four sections in the Google Drive and one can find the current “My Drive” view of folders on the right of the “Files” tab.

There are two more tabs that allow users to check Computer backups and Team Drives. Google has also introduced Starred and Shared tab for “quicker access to your most important items.” Similar to other G Suite apps with the Material redesign, “a FAB in the bottom right corner that features the four-colored ‘+’ icon lets users create a new Google Doc, Sheets, and Slides, as well as a folder, upload, or scan,” 9to5google reported.

Google has confirmed in its blog that Android users will get the latest Google Drive redesign starting from March 18, 2019. iOS devices, on the other hand, have already received the update. Google rolled out its Material redesign for Gmail app back in January 2019.



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