Google to soon stop syncing files between Drive and Photos

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Google seems to be changing how Drive and Photos share your videos and photos with each other. Today, Google has announced changes to how Google Drive and Photos work together, including the end of automatic syncing of photos between the two services. Google revealed the change in a blog post, saying that it will “simplify the experience across Drive and Photos” when it comes to accessing photos on either platform, as customer feedback has led the company to the conclusion that “the connection between these services is confusing”.

There’s still a way to sync your files between Photos and Drive, however, with the Backup and Sync tool. Uploads in high quality won’t count towards your account storage quota, as has been the case to date. Photos and videos you upload to both Drive and Google through the tool in original quality will count towards your quota just once.

When the change takes effect in July, photos and videos you add to Drive won’t automatically appear in Photos and vice versa. Additionally, file deletions won’t sync between the two. “This change is designed to help prevent accidental deletion of items across products,” Schlosser and Gupta wrote. Indeed, the current system provides ample opportunity for users to screw something up and unknowingly lose important photos if they’re not careful. Here’s how it works as of now:

However, your files will still be uploaded to each service separately, so if you edit something in Photos, the changes won’t automatically be reflected in Drive.


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