Samsung to bring back support for Google apps with Bixby 2.0

Bixby 2.0

It’s the season for tech enthusiast as new products and software are unveiled at CES, Los Angeles. A number of electronics company have come to the trade event with their innovative and creative products aimed to make life easier.

Samsung too has been on par with other tech giants with its announcement of 5G connectivity, QLED TVs, and recently the integration of Google Assistant to Samsung’s own voice assistant, Bixby 2.0.

Among other major announcements, Samsung, while talking about its virtual assistant, said Bixby 2.0 will support Google Apps including Google Maps, Google Play, Youtube, and Gmail once again.

Bixby 2.0 was launched with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and later made its way to Samsung S9 and S9+ with their respective UI updates. Bixby is Samsung’s version of a virtual assistant that lets users access many apps on the phone with voice control. Bixby 1.0 was launched with S8 and S8+. Version 1.0 let users post pictures on Instagram, play music through Google Play, and even open Twitter to show recent DMs.

With version 2.0, Samsung upgraded a lot of features including faster recognition and new UI for Bixby. However, in the process of the upgrade, Samsung killed a lot of useful apps. This process didn’t go well with Samsung users and Bixby received a lot of criticism.

With the recent announcement, Samsung is looking to bring back support for Google Apps for Bixby once again and this might help the company strengthen Bixby’s position as a powerful assistant.

Notably, Samsung is due to launch its latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and while there have been a lot of rumors regarding the screen size and the placement of punch-hole notch, we can be at least sure that the new devices will be coming with Google Apps support.


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