Spotify to introduce personalised editorial playlists based on listener’s interest


Spotify is now looking forward to customizing playlist according to listener’s interest and browsing history. The music streaming service has announced its intentions of algorithmically personalize human-created playlist in order to make sure that “music has a better chance of getting into the ears of the right listeners.” Spotify has been in works to creating this personalized editorial playlist for a while now and it claims that 80 percent of listeners seek out tracks on their own for repeat listens while an average of 66 percent of listeners saves a track.

Earlier, Spotify had thousands of playlists created by its editors, which were heard by all the users on the app. However, Now, the company is planning to implement a personalizing feature for its listeners based on their particular taste. This means that personalized playlists will always offer a different listening experience. According to the company, the personalized editorial playlists system has been in tests for a while now and listeners on Spotify have been found out to spend longer duration on the app. Moreover, these personalized editorial playlists will diverse the artists featured on playlists by 30 percent and will help listeners discover new songs by 35 percent.

Spotify also notes, “When a song is added to one of these playlists, it won’t necessarily appear on every listener’s personalized version of that playlist. That’s why, starting today, we’ll create unique links to these playlists for artists to share via Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics. Anyone who clicks a unique link shared by an artist will see a personalized version of the playlist with that artist’s track as the first song. (For editorial playlists that are not personalized, artists should continue to use public links as they do now.) When songs get added to one of these playlists, an email notification gets sent to artists and their teams, so they can share the good news with fans.”

To recall, Spotify was launched in India in February, and it ventured into the price-sensitive market of music streaming which already had well-funded players like Reliance Jio’s Saavn and Apple’s Apple Music. It was only a week later that the company managed to amass 1 million users in the country. Spotify Premium in India price starts at ₹119 per month or ₹1,189 for a year. It is also offering student discounts in India through which students will be able to get Spotify for ₹59 per month.



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