WhatsApp brings Consecutive Voice Messages on Android along with improved PiP mode


WhatsApp has yet again submitted a new beta update for its Android app, and the new update brings a new feature called the Consecutive Voice Messages. With the new 2.19.86 update, WhatsApp is working to improve the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. Currently, the PiP mode is disabled by default in the beta mode, however, it is expected to be enabled in the next update as soon as it is developed properly. In addition to these features, WhatsApp is also working on implementing fingerprint authentication to the app along with Dark Mode.

The Consecutive Voice Messages feature comes with Android 2.19.86 update and allows for auto-playing of two or more voice messages that are sent consecutively. The feature had been in works since November of last year and has finally been integrated with the above-mentioned beta update. To see this feature in action, users need to ask their friends to send two or more voice messages one after the other. As soon as the first voice message gets over, the second one will start playing automatically without having to hit the play button. The feature was spotted by WABetainfo.


WABetainfo suggests that along with Consecutive Voice Messages feature, WhatsApp is also working on improving the picture-in-picture feature. The PiP feature allows users to view content sent to them from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, in the app itself– without having to switch. According to WABetainfo, WhatsApp now lets users switch chats while being in the PiP mode. Currently, users are not able while watching content on PiP mode and WhatsApp is looking forward to improving on that. Moreover, the new improved PiP mode feature will allow users to watch a video in PiP mode while the app is still running in the background.

WhatsApp PiP

The tipster notes that these PiP improvements will only be available for users on Android 8 Oreo and above. There is no word from the company regarding the wide availability of the new features on the app.




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