After 3 days of reign, Devendra Fadnavis joins the list of CMs with shortest terms


Devendra fadnavis has sworn in a Hush Hush ceremony as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra with NCP Ajit Pawar as his deputy on 23rd November. But his happiness was of only 3 days, as due to insufficient MLAs Majority on their side their government fell. He is also the only CM who has finished his full 5-year tenure. But he is not just the CM with shortest days reign, there are other CMs as well:

  1. Jagdambika Pal – He was Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for a day on 21st February 1998 night after the dismissal of the Kalyan Singh Government. But the decision was reversed by the Allahabad High Court, giving Pal the title of ‘The one-Day CM’. He is an MLA from Domariyaganj, Uttar Pradesh.
  2. BS Yeddyurappa – He was Chief Minister of Karnataka for 3 days under BJP Government but he resigned due to corruption case of 2016. He later left BJP and formed his own party Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP). He is now the Chief Minister of Karnataka.
  3. Satish Prasad Singh – He was the youngest Interim Chief Minister of Bihar in 1968 with only 5 days of reign from 28 January to 1 February in 1968. He is a member of the Indian National Congress (INC).
  4. BP Mandal – He succeeded the Chief Minister’s office after Satish Prasad Singh for 31 days from 1 February 1968 to 2 March 1968. He was a member of the Indian National Congress (INC).
  5. Om Prakash Chautala – He served as the Chief Minister of Haryana four times, but twice in the shortest period, first for 5 days in July 1990 and second, for 14 days in 1991. He was a member of the Indian National Lok Dal.
  6. S C Marak – He was the Chief Minister of Meghalaya for only 13 days in 1998. He is a senior leader of the Indian National Congress (INC).

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