Lok Sabha Polls 2019: BJP organizes Traders Meet in Delhi; Manoj Tiwari Hits Out at AAP for ‘Misleading’


In order to galvanize support for the national elections 2019, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday organized traders meet in the national capital in presence of party state Chief Manoj Tiwari.

The Saffron party through the meet tried to clear clouds about the issues of GST, Demonetization and sealing in the national capital.

Speaking in the meet, BJP MP and Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari slammed Aam Aadmi Party 
(AAP) and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for creating confusion and blaming BJP for sealing in Delhi.

He said, ‘Delhi Ruling AAP and Arvind Kejriwal has created confusion and mislead the people and traders in Delhi. AAP has falsely blamed BJP for sealing rather it was me (Manoj Tiwari) who fought against Sealing and had even broke the lock of a house that was sealed’

It Should be noted that on the directions of the Supreme Court-monitored Committee more than 6,000 properties were sealed in the national capital between December 2017 to January 2019.

A similar Interaction was held by the Rahul Gandhi in February this year. As a part of Gandhi’s outreach initiative, ‘Apni Baat Rahul ke saath’ Congress President met traders various parts of the country over lunch and discussed the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax along with a host of other issues.

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Further hailing Centre’s GST, Manoj Tiwari said the new tax GST had some issues initially but with the time and modifications, Narendra Modi led Government managed to address all issues.

Delhi BJP in-charge Shyam Jaju thanked Traders for supporting the Demonetization that enabled the successful implementation of Demonetization.

Bharatiya Janata Party in a run-up to the national elections has not yet announced any Candidate in National Capital. BJP will take on Congress and AAP with AAP has announced Candidate on all seven seats of Delhi.

Delhi for all 7 parliamentary seats will poll on May 12.



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