Chairman: ISRO has very high profile missions

South Asia satellite ISRO

The space agency’s chairman K Sivan stated today that ISRO has lined up a host of “very high profile missions”, which includes Chandrayaan-2 and demonstration of Hunan space programme this current year.

Mr. Sivan was addressing the scientist at the Mission Control Centre after the successful launch of the communication satellite GSAT-6A onboard Geosynchronous rocket GSLV-F08 from the spaceport.

Listing the missions, he said Chandryaan-2 is going to land on Moon and Rover will be roving on the Moon”.

Then we are going to have high power, high bandwidth communication satellite to provide high bandwidth connectivity to remote places of India.

He also said that we are going to have one demonstration of human space programme technology development.

ISRO had said recently that the launch of India’s second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2, slated for next month, has been put off to October as some tests have been suggested by experts.

Mr. Sivan claimed that ISRO would also launch a couple of remote sensing satellites including IRNSS-1l over the next few weeks.

The thrust uprighting of the second stage and full utilization of cryo-stage propellant are two significant technologies demonstrated today.