In a big move, Congress party overhauled the party’s line-up in the Uttar Pradesh on Monday. The grand old party restructured it’s existing leadership chain in the state and paved the way to clear new appointments.

The party appointed Kushinagar MLA Ajay Kumar Lallu as the President for the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee while Aradhana Misra aka MONA was appointed as the leader of the Legislative party in the state. Ajay Kumar Lallu will replace the actor-turned-politician Raj Babbar who had resigned after the party’s embarrassing defeat in the Lok Sabha elections of 2019.


The Congress has also appointed 4 Vice-President to the Uttar Pradesh unit of the party. Virender Chaudhary (Organisation – East), Pankaj Malik (Organisation -East),  Laliteshpati Tripathi and Deepak Kumar are the newly-appointed Vice-Presidents.

Apart from them, the party also appointed 12 general secretaries for assisting the party-work. It includes Alok Prasad Pasi, Vishwa Vijay Singh, Chaudhary Dhuram Lodhi, Rakesh Sachan, Yusuf Ali Turk, Anil Yadav, Rajiv Tyagi, Virender Singh Guddu, Yogesh Dixit, Rahul rai, Shabana Khandelwal and Badaruddin Qureshi.

In another issued statement, Congress appointed the Advisory Council to the General Secretary and a Working Group on Strategy and Planning which has many senior party leaders.

Advisory Council to the General Secretary-

  1. Ajay Rai
  2. Ajay Kapoor
  3. Anugrah Narayan Singh
  4. Mohsina Kidwai
  5. Naseemuddin Siddique
  6. Nirmal Khatri
  7. Pradeep Mathur
  8. Pramod Tiwari
  9. Praveen Aron
  10. PL Punia
  11. RPN Singh
  12. Ranjeet Singh Judeo
  13. Rajesh Mishra
  14. Rashid Alvi
  15. Salman Khursheed
  16. Sanjay Kapoor
  17. Vivek Bansal
  18. Zafar Ali Naqvi

Working Group on Strategy and Planning-

  1. Jitin Prasada
  2. RK Chaudhary
  3. Rajiv Shukla
  4. Imran Masood
  5. Pradeep Jain Aditya
  6. Rajaram pal
  7. Brij Lal Khabri
  8. Raj Kishore Singh

Along with it, the party has also appointed 24 secretaries for revamping the organization in the Uttar Pradesh.

List of Secretaries-

  1. Gurmeet Bhullar
  2. Vidhit Chaudhary
  3. Rahul Richharia
  4. Devendra Nishad
  5. Moninder Sood Valmiki
  6. Vivekananda Pathak
  7. Devendra Pratap Singh
  8. BrahmSwaroop Sagar
  9. Kaiser Jahan Ansari
  10. Ramesh Shukla
  11. Dhirendra Singh Dhiru
  12. Satya Sanyam
  13. Prem Narayan Pal
  14. Sarita Dohre
  15. Shahnawaz Alam
  16. Kanishka Pandey
  17. Amit Singh Diwakar
  18. Kumud Gangwar
  19. Rakesh Prajapati
  20. Mukesh Dhankar
  21. Hardeepak Nishad
  22. Jeetal Saroj
  23. Sachin Chaudhary
  24. Pradeep Kumar Kori

All the appointments mentioned above has been cleared by the Interim President of the party, Sonia Gandhi.

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