Delhi Metro’s Blue Line services delayed twice due to “signalling issues”


Services on the Delhi Metro‘s Blue Line connecting Dwarka to Noida/Vaishali were affected due to signalling issues on the different sections of the corridor.

According to a senior Delhi Metro official, ” The first technical snag occurred around 3 pm. Train services were affected due to signalling issue (loss of centralised view intermittently) on the Karol Bagh-Dwarka section.

“The view and control of the signalling and Automatic Train Control system on Blue Line (Dwarka Sec-21 to Noida City Centre/Vaishali) at Operations Control Centre (OCC) was intermittently getting lost today between Karol Bagh and Dwarka section,” he said.

He added,”Between 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm, the loss of view was for the entire Blue Line, which created bunching of trains on the entire line.”

He claimed,”The sporadic issue was resolved at 4:23 pm and since then train services were running normal on the entire Blue Line.”

The snag, however, recurred at around 7 pm at another section, and many passengers complained of delay in services.

A DMRC official said, “Train services on Blue Line are available at a frequency of 5-8 minutes due to intermittent signalling issues which resurfaced at around 7 pm.”


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