Development of India is BJP’s top priority, says Narendra Modi in Varanasi

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to his constituency Varanasi. During his visit, Modi on Saturday inaugurated the ‘Pashu Arogya Mela’ (cattle health fair).

Following the inauguration, while addressing a meeting the Prime Minister attacked the comments made by the opposition, saying that BJP did not work for votes, it worked for the development of the country. Modi said that the country’s development is the top priority for the party. He also promised to provide homes to all the homeless by 2022 and double the income of the farmers.

He tactfully diverted the attention from the recent criticism that his government is getting over the fall of GDP and slowing economy because of Modi’s Experiments of demonetisation and implementation of GST. He said that the government had waged a war against corruption and black money. He further added that those who were enjoying taking advantage of the share which belonged to the poor will not be spared. He added that because of the loot by the dishonest the poor had to suffer.

The Prime Minister addressing the gathering said that “our (BJP) politics is not for votes, our culture is different. In politics, people do only that task which yields votes, but our character is different.” He said that the ideology of BJP differed from the rest. Some politicians only worked when they thought that this work would get them votes, but BJP follows a different culture where the nation comes first and not the votes, he added.

Talking about the mega animal fair he inaugurated, Modi said that such initiatives will help in providing better healthcare facilities to the cattle. He further added that this will also help in increasing the milk production in India which is far lesser than in many other countries. The mega animal fair is being organised in Varanasi for the first time.

The Prime Minister also asked the farmers to take up animal husbandry as a secondary option for alternative income. He further added that promoting and adopting animal husbandry will lead to a new path of progress. This initiative will also increase both the farmer’ and the overall income.

Modi also promised that by the 75th independence anniversary every urban and rural poor will have a house of their own. He also said that this project of providing houses to the poor will also create job opportunities for many as building houses will need bricks, cement, iron and wood. While distributing the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana certificates Modi said “By 2022, every poor, whether in the urban or rural area, will get a home. Building crores of homes will generate jobs and income.”

During his speech, he also attacked the previous government of Uttar Pradesh led by Akhilesh Yadav saying that the Yadav government was not concerned about the development of the state and the welfare of the people. He said that despite asking several time the Yadav government provided the list of only 10,000 people homeless in the state after mounting pressure on them. He further added that compared to the Yadav government the Yogi Adityanath government provided a list of lakhs of people who could avail the benefits of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

Modi boasting about his swachhta abhiyan said that according to the surveys done having a toilet at home can save up to Rs 50,000 per annum, as it will reduce the expenditure on healthcare. He also praised the Yogi government for adopting the “Izzatghar” for toilets. “I liked this word so much. Where there is Izzatghar, there is honour of our mothers and sisters. I also congratulate the state government for recognising it as Izzatghar. In the days to come those who are concerned about their honour, will construct Izzatghar,” he said.

The Prime Minister further thanked the Yogi government for organising this fair and health treatment for the cattle. Modi also expressed the wish that more of such programmes are organised across the state where cattle are brought from all over and specialist veterinary doctors treat them. These initiatives will be a relief for the poor where they can bring their animals and get the best treatment for them.

While addressing the gathering he also gave the term of gaining wealth from the waste. He said that the government has decided to generate electricity from the waste and garbage and will provide electricity to 40,000 houses. He also boasted about his governments initiative of spreading the awareness of using a LED bulb. He said that according to the officials, there has been tremendous fall in the electricity bills of all those who used the LED bulbs. He also added that if the entire city of Varanasi begins the use of LED bulbs, the approximate money that can be saved on the expenditure of electricity bills is around Rs 125 crore per annum.

On the first day of his visit on Friday, the Prime Minister inaugurated 7 infra projects worth over Rs 1000 crore including the Ramnagar-Samne Ghat bridge and the Balua Ghat bridge. He also gave green signal to the third Mahamana Express train between Varanasi and Vadodara.