In-flight connectivity to Indian passengers will soon become a reality, states Telecom Department

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Telecom Department of India, states it may soon allow in-flight connectivity to the passengers

Under the proposed in-flight connectivity guidelines, voice and data services both shall be provided to passengers on flights and maritime transport within the national boundary limits.

Still, the Telecom Department bans the use of Smartphones or any electronic device amidst the take-off, of the airplane. The Telecom Commission has agreed to the use of call services & data services during the flight only at cruising altitudes.

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What to expect from the Telecom Department of India?

The Telecom Department of India, states that initially, they will only allow the data services to be provided in, in-flight travels and in water submersible vehicles.

DoT will initially seek application for data services under IFC (in-flight connectivity) guidelines. There are some issues around gateway for voice so that will not start immediately,” a Department of Telecom official told PTI.  In-flight connectivity service is available for most of the developed countries.

The Telecom Commission has decided aver allowing the smartphones and other various devices with internet connectivity to be utilized only at cruising altitudes and the ban has not been lifted on the use of the data & voice services from the usage during take-off & landing of the flights.

Indian AirSpace still hasn’t allowed the use of in-flight connectivity for its users as of, yet, but may soon allow

On a global level, many air carriers have the facility of Wi-Fi for their passengers, but they are not allowed to use the facility once they enter Indian Air Space.

AirAsia, Air France, British Airways, Egypt Air, Emirates, Air New Zealand, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic are among 30 airlines that are already allowing mobile phone use on aircraft but not in Indian airspace.

The DoT is likely to approach the Law Ministry next week for the review of these guidelines before notifying them.


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