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Fuel dispensers to be automated soon

Petrol Pump
To prevent robbery of fuel at petrol pumps, the vending machines will soon be automated with password unlocking feature.
To fight against the petrol robbery at petrol pumps, the government has come out with a solution. Machines which dispense fuel will soon be electronically protected. With this new system the petrol vendors will be provided with the passwords and after feeding password in the machine fuel will come out so that the system can’t be manipulated to cheat motorists. The above decision was taken in a meeting of government officials with oil marketers and equipment manufacturers.
The key reason behind this decision is due to the increasing number of cheating cases in states like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. In these states, vendors did so by manipulating machines into dispensing less fuel than the displayed amount of fuel.
An official from the consumer affairs department said, “The legal metrology rules have a provision for e-sealing of pulsar cards, which are currently mechanically sealed. So it can be done right away, without any cost requirements.”
The department has indicated this matter as their utmost priority. The process of electronic sealing of these machines would soon be undertaken by officials from state legal metrology departments, oil firms and equipment makers. First, it will start at one place and gradually it will spread across the country in phases.

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