I have been a victim of party politics in both BJP & Congress: Shankersinh Vaghela

While addressing the gathering at the celebration of his 77th birthday, former Chief Minister of Gujarat Shankersinh Vaghela said that he has been a victim of party’s internal politics in both BJP and Congress parties.

On his 77th birthday, Vaghela said that he had been expelled from the Congress 24 hours earlier because the party feared that he might criticize the party during his celebration.

Now that the leader has quit from congress people are believing that he might join the BJP again. As per his political record, Vaghela was BJP rebel who merged his party Rashtriya Janata Party (RJP) with the Congress 17 years ago.

Addressing the mega gathering in Gandhinagar, he targetted Congress saying that if the party would not have kept small thinking than BJP could never have come to power. Now it is no use complaining about mistakes made earlier he said. He further added that he did not have any greed for power or post, in fact, he was the one who made PM Narendra Modi reach, where he was, he brought Anandiben Patel in politics and the suggestion of introducing RTI to bring transparency in the system was originally his idea.

Vaghela cleared that at 77 he was still not out and believed in destiny. He said that “the party which I built (BJP) with my blood breached my trust, made me a stranger.”

It will be a boon to BJP ahead of the assembly elections due in November if Shankersinh Vaghela joins the party again.