Jammu and Kashmir High Court constitutes Artificial Intelligence Committee

Synopsis: Justice Rajesh Bindal of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court as Chairperson and Justice Puneet Gupta as Member of the Committee.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee of the High Court, comprising a President and a member, was created by the Jammu and Kashmir High Court.

On October 12, 2020, the order was issued by the Registrar General of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, Jawad Ahmed.

According to the order, Justices Rajesh Bindal of Jammu and Kashmir High Court will be included in the Committee as Chairperson and Justice Puneet Gupta as a member.

A revolutionary step has been taken for the implementation of artificial intelligence in the judiciary. This will takeJthe service of Justice Delivery to new heights.

Advocate Ankur Sharma said that they are grateful, to the Chief Justice and other honourable judges of the court for taking this initiative.

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The Artificial Committee (AI) has been set up to investigate the elements of:

1. AI Language Technology that is used to read judicial records.

2. The use of AI on the administrative side of Process Automation.

3. Exploring the potential of the use of AI in judicial-scale legal research assistance.

4. Exploring the potential use of AI in other avenues of law.

In the strict sense, AI makes it easier for the legal teams in the judiciary to focus more on crucial and strategic work by automating such tedious procedures.

It has tremendous ability to help judges make legal decisions, such as granting parole, deciding on bail and assessing the required sentence, thus speeding up the judicial process.

The Indian judiciary, however, has faced a shortage of judges and a growing number of cases pending in various courts. There is a lot of pressure on the judiciary within a reasonable time frame to produce quality decisions in all cases. An AI-based framework specifically designed for a particular judicial role could prove to be very useful in helping judges make decisions, allowing them to smoothly achieve their goal.