Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024
Kashi Tamil Sangamam is a true example of unity in diversity, says Home minister Amit Shah

Home minister Amit Shah has described the Kashi Tamil Sangamam as the beginning of a cultural renaissance from Kashi. Speaking on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the event on Friday, he said Kashi Tamil Sangamam is a true example of unity in diversity. The month-long event was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 19.

The home minister said this event is not concluding but is marking the beginning of a cultural renaissance which will not be limited to reviving the bonding of Kashi and Tamil Nadu but cover all cultures of the country. The Kashi Tamil Sangam was organised in Varanasi to revive the cultural and traditional links between India’s oldest places, Varanasi and Tamil Nadu.

He said, all other countries are formed on the concept of geo-politics but, India’s base is geo-cultural with a treasure of diverse cultures. He said, “by organizing the Kashi Tamil Sangam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a major step towards the revival of India’s cultural unity in the year of Amrita Mahotsav after independence.”

Shah said, the way Kashi warmly welcomed the brothers and sisters from Tamil Nadu is overwhelming. Kashi Tamil Sangamam has worked to create a new atmosphere of trust and love between the two oldest cultures and is one of the biggest achievements of the year of Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. He said more than 12 thousand people from Tamil Nadu participated in the event. 

He urged the Tamil Nadu government to make medical, technical and legal education curriculum in Tamil language. Only when Tamils get educated in their mother tongue then Tamil language could be more strengthened.

The home minister also appealed to brothers and sisters of Tamil Nadu to take Ganga water from Kashi and perform abhishekam in Rameswaram.Then bring soil from Rameswaram and dissolve it in Ganga, he added.


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