Madhya Pradesh announces dress code for government teachers

Government instructors in Madhya Pradesh should take a uniform clothing standard — maroon coat for ladies and naval force blue for men — from the following scholarly session, as per a request of the training division. The request said how the instructors’ dress is vital as the mandate is to bring consistency and check identity contrasts.

In the request issued a week ago, the state school training office has issued mandates to the magistrate of the Directorate of Public Instructions and the executive of the Rajya Shiksha Kendra to actualize the uniform clothing regulation for educators over the State. Notwithstanding the clothing regulation, the educators should put an unofficial ID on their coat with Rashtra Nirmata composed on it, said the request marked by school instruction office’s appointee secretary K.K. Dwivedi.

The order stated that teachers play an important role in shaping the country’s future, and that dress is significant.

For this, the dress assumes a vital part. The dress brings consistency as well as finishes identity contrasts,” it said.

MP’s Minister of State for School Education Deepak Joshi said the choice was taken by his senior bureau associate Kunwar Vijay Shah, the school instruction serve, a year ago.

“Shah had issued orders in such manner a year ago. Presently, the school training office has begun its usage. From the following session, the ladies instructors should wear a maroon coat and the men a naval force blue coat,” he said.

“The educators would need to wear the coats on their garments so their character and consistency could be guaranteed. The point of this move is to give the instructors a character of being the ‘Rashtra Nirmata’,” Joshi said.