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Madhya Pradesh Election Results Live: Nail biter ends with INC emerges as largest party, two short of majority

10:10 AM (Dec 12) – Madhya Pradesh counting concludes, final ECI results – Congress 114, BJP 109, SP-1, BSP-2 and Independents-4.

10:11 PM – Shivraj Singh Chouhan wins Budhni constituency with a margin of 58,999 votes.

10:00 PM – Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath thanked people of the state on Twitter. In his tweet written in Hindi, he called the vote ‘historic’ and assured that the party will strive to be worthy of people’s trust. Congress still maintains a thin lead over BJP in the state.

09:15 PM – BJP’s Yashodhara Raje Scindia wins from Shivpuri constituency with a margin of 28,748 votes.

08:30 PM – Official figures as per EC, indicates Bharatiya Janata Party and Indian National Congress both have won 27 seats each while a seat has been bagged by an Independent Candidate. EC says MP results likely to be declared after 10 pm.

Currently, Congress is (Leading + won) on 112 seats, with BJP giving stiff resistance with 110 seats. While ‘others’ maintaining its lead on 8 seats.

08:00 PM – Rahul Gandhi addresses a press conference. Rahull Gandhi, when asked about who will be the next chief ministers in the states, said, “There is no issue over who will be the chief ministers of these states. It will be done quite smoothly.”


06:50 PM – Results announced by the Election Commission show BJP has won 10 seats in Madhya Pradesh while Congress has won 7 till now!

06:32 PM – Election Commission has declared the results of 11 seats in Madhya Pradesh so far. BJP has won 9 seats while Congress has won 2.

05:55 PM – Congress candidate PC Sharma is leading in the Bhopal (South West) constituency with 6 votes more than BJP’s Umashankar Gupta, according to the latest EC trends.

05:45 PM – BJP’s Aakash Kailash Vijayvargiya wins from the Indore-3 constituency with a margin of 7000 votes.


05:40 PM – Almost dozen ministers in the Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led BJP government in Madhya Pradesh is trailing in the state Assembly polls as per the latest trends, PTI reported quoting an election official.

Minister Narottam Mishra was trailing in Datia while Rustam Singh was at the third position in Morena constituency. Balkrishna Patidar was trailing in Khargone, while Lal Singh Arya was lagging behind in Gohad seat in Bhind district.

Minister Om Prakash Dhurve was trailing in Shahpura seat of Dindori district while Antar Singh Arya was trailing in Sendhwa seat of
Barwani district. Deepak Joshi was behind in Hatpipliya seat in Dewas district, while Rampal Singh was trailing in Silvani seat in Raisen district. Minister Archana Chitnis was also trailing in Burhanpur seat.

State finance minister Jayant Mallaiya was behind by 1,336 votes in Damoh seat. Another minister, Sharad Jain, was trailing in Jabalpur North seat and Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya in Gwalior seat.

Former prime minister late Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s nephew and Morena BJP MP Anoop Mishra, who contested the election on the BJP’s ticket, was trailing from Bhitarwar seat in Gwalior district.

05:35 PM – Congress maintains slim margin as suspense continues in the state. Congress is leading currently 115 seats, while BJP on 106 seats and ‘others’ maintains a lead on 9 seats.

05:05 PM – Congress currently seems to have an upper hand in trend, seats for Congress Fluctuating between 117-119, BJP leading on 102 while ‘others’ maintaining it leads on 9-10 seats.

Both Sharing close fight with 41.4% vote share each.

04: 35 PM – Congress for the first time in the day is crossing the majority mark. Congress leading on 117 seats. BJP leading on 103. While 11 seats are going in ‘others’ kitty.

At least 10 ministers from Shivraj Government is trailing on their respective constituencies.

03:40 PM – Congress inching closer to a majority with a lead on 115 seats, BJP leading on 105 seats. ‘Others’ maintaining its lead on 10 seats.


03:30 PM – ECI official data suggests Congress leading on 113 seats, while BJP on 107 Seats. While ‘others’ are maintaining a lead on 10 seats.

03:15 PM – Incumbent CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan leading from Budhni by over 30,000 votes. BJP leading on 112 seats, INC on 107, while Others on 11.

03: 00 PM – BJP on a lead on 111 seats with 41.4% vote share as now of, While In a Close fight Congress is leading on 108 seats with 41.1% vote share. ‘Others’ continues to hold a lead on 11 seats.

Many seats are witness a stiff fight with a slim margin of hundreds.

01:50 PM – MP witness Neck to Neck fight, BJP leading on 111 seats, while Congress on 109 seats. Trends suggest 10 seats for ‘Others’

01: 00 PM – Tight fight in the state, now BJP takes lead on 112 seats while Congress on 108 seats. Others still leading on 10 seats.

12: 35 PM – Close fight continues, BJP leading on 109 seats, Congress on 108 seats while ‘others’ including BSP and SP leading on 11 seats.

12: 15 PM – See-Saw Continues, now Congress is leading on 116 seats while BJP is on a lead in 103. While others are leading on 11 seats.

11: 58 AM – Stiff Fight continues, BJP maintaining its lead again 113 seats, while Congress is on 107 seats, others – BSP, SP and Including Independent leading on 10 seats! Shivraj Singh Brother-in-law Sanjay Singh Masani trailing behind BJP, Independent and BSP from Waraseoni.

11: 40 AM – Now, BJP is leading on 112 seats just a few seats away from a majority in the state, Congress leading on 108 seats. Others leading on 10 seats!

11:15 AM – Congress is close to a majority in trends currently leading on 115 Seats, BJP on 103 seats while ‘others’ maintaining its lead on 12 seats.

In the meanwhile, Congress State Chief Kamal Nath said that he is confident of getting full majority.

11:00 AM – Neck fight continues in the state, Congress is leading on 117 seats, while BJP 102 Seats. Others are leading on 11 seats in the state.

10:45 AM – As per Trends, Congress is leading on 117 seats, BJP on 97 seats while others on 16 seats.

10:30 AM – Congress is now leading on 116 seats, BJP on 99 seat. While others including BSP and SP on 15 seats.

10:20 AM – Bharatiya Janata Party leading on 110 seats, while Congress is leading on 107 seats, ‘others’ including BSP and SP leading on 13 seats

10:10 AM – Congress leading on 109 seats as per trends, BJP also leading on 109 seats, while others including BSP and Samajwadi Party leading on 12 seats.  BJP’s Akash Vijayvargiya leading now from Indore, While Jeetu Patwari of INC also leading from his seat now.

10:00 AM – Neck to Neck Fight, trends suggest MP may face Hung Assembly. Congress leading on 111 seats, BJP on 109 while others is leading on 10 with BSP – on 8 seats and SP on 2 seats.

9:50 AM – Bharatiya Janata party and Congress head to head with 109 seat for both. 8 BJP Ministers are trailing in the state.

9:40 AM – Congress is leading on 110 seats, Bharatiya Janata Party on 102 while ‘others’ is getting 8 seats. BJP’s Akash Vijayvargiya trailing from Indore, While Jeetu Patwari of INC also trailing from his seat.

9:30 AM – Congress is leading on early trends on 104 seats, while BJP is leading on 98 seats while ‘others’ bagging 5 seats.

9:20 AM – Congress leading on 94 seats, BJP leading on 87 while ‘others’ currently bagging 2 seats in early trends. Minister Narottam Mishra trailing from his seat.

9:10 AM – Congress leading 82 seats, BJP on 76 seats. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Jasodhara Scindia leading on their seats.

9: 05 AM – Congress is leading on 75 seats, Bhartiya Janta Party leading on 62 seats!

Firecrackers brought to Congress office in Delhi by party leader Jagdish Sharma as counting is underway for assembly elections in five states.

8:50 AM – Congress leading on 40 seats, Bharatiya Janata Party leading on 37 seats, Congress currently leading on all 5 states – Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram.

8:45 AM – BJP Leading on 32 seats, INC having its lead on 29 seats!

8:40 AM – Bharatiya Janata Party leading on 25 seats, while Congress leading on 23 seats. Shivraj Singh Chouhan leading from his seat Buddhni.

8:35 AM -BJP leading on 16 seats, Congress leading on 14 seats!

8:30 AM -Early trends Suggest BJP leading on 9 seats including Datia, and Chitrakoot, while Congress leading on 8 seats including Reva.

Counting Begins in all five states – Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana nad Mizoram. Postal Ballots to be counted first followed by EVMs.


Counting for the 230 assembly seat state that went to polls on November 28 is about to begin. This time Incumbent Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan led BJP is facing stiff resistance from the major opposition Congress on the backdrop of farmer distress in the state.

Most of the Exit Polls conducted by various TV Channels and other agencies suggested tight competition between two and it is clear that it will not be a cakewalk for the incumbent government.

The Madhya Pradesh State Assembly Election is crucial in terms of setting the tone for the upcoming Lok Sabha Battle of 2019. Bhartiya Janta Party wants to continue its winning trail while Congress wants to enter the Lok Sabha with a win in these assemblies elections that will also help to lead the prospect ‘Grand Alliance’ or ‘Mahagathbandhan’.

The other states assembly elections that are going to counting include Rajasthan, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, and Mizoram.


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