Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
­­­NSA Ajit Doval emphasizes on need to enhance capability of Afghanistan to counter terrorism

National Security Adviser Ajit Doval has emphasized on the need  to enhance capability of Afghanistan to counter terrorism and terrorist groups which pose a threat to regional peace and security. NSA Doval was with NSAs of Tajikistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and China on Friday in Dushanbe at Regional Security Dialogue. 

He said, “the foremost priority should be the right to life and a dignified living as well as protection of human rights for all. India has historical and civilisational relations with Afghanistan and it has always stood by the people of Afghanistan. India has focused on infrastructure, connectivity and humanitarian assistance over the decades.”

The NSA highlighted the need for representation of all sections of Afghan society including women and minorities so that the collective energies of the largest possible proportion of the Afghan population feel motivated to contribute to nation building. Doval also said, women and youth are critical for the future of any society. 

He said, “provision of education to girls and employment to women and youth will ensure productivity and spur growth. It will also have a positive social impact including discouraging radical ideologies among youth. With the collective efforts of Regional Dialogue members, we can help Afghanistan to build a prosperous and vibrant nation once again.”

Taking forward the spirit encapsulated in the Delhi Declaration, the NSA discussed the situation in Afghanistan and the region. They highlighted the need to find constructive ways to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan and combating risks from terrorism emanating from the region.

This was the fourth edition of security dialogue taking place in Dushanbe. The last dialogue happened in Delhi last year hosted by the National Security Council. That meeting saw no participation of Pakistan and China. The first two editions of the meeting happened in Tehran.

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