Pakistan advices India over Kashmir- Applying military forces, would not produce any solution

Raking up the critical issue of terror attack in Kashmir again and again, Pakistan advised India on Friday, that no solution of Kashmir is going to be yield by applying military forces at the region.

According to Pakistan news reports, addressing a seminar there, Pakistan information minister Fawad Chaudhary said, “PM Narendra Modi has announced billions of rupees to Kashmir but independence cannot be bought with money.”

Chaudhary further said, “Indian PM Narendra Modi just announced that the government will give a package of billions of rupees to Kashmir. But independence cannot be bought with money. Independence is a sentiment felt in the heart, a narrative of the heart.”

Calling it the inability of India “to crush the struggle for freedom” in the state Kashmir, Pakistan further accused India’s allegation of Pakistan creating disturbance in Kashmir state and behaving terroristic in the state. Pakistan accused India’s allegation of Pakistan instigating unrest in the state.

Also, Chaudhary hit out at India and pointed out that Pakistan-Kashmir is not an issue of territorial but is the issue of humanitarian.

Chaudhary further launching attack at India, alleged that the sentiments of pro-Pakistanis over the Kashmir states was all strong, and in fact said that the parties are very well acknowledged to this- who are contesting in the elections.


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