Pakistan to return PoW Wing Commander AbhiNandan Tomorrow; confirms Pakistan

Earlier in the day, President of the United States of America, Donald Trump in a press briefing ensured of a considerable decent news regarding the tension between India and Pakistan.

Now, The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan in the Joint Parliamentary Session that they held, announced the release of IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan tomorrow, as a peace gesture towards India.

As reported in various reports,Imran Khan in his statement also said that it is an effort from his side to de-escalate the situation and its not to be considered as weakness. He also asserted on the Kashmir issue and said that more Burhan Wanis will be born in Kashmir if oppression continues. Imran Khan also assured to talk with India on all issues including terrorism.

Previously, envoys of several nations were summoned by the MoEA, and meetings were held.

Following the events, the scheduled the Joint Press Conference to be held by the Army, Navy and Air Force at 5 P.M is postponed to 7 A.M.

Punjab CM, Amrinder Singh expressed this gesture of ‘release’ of IAF soldier as a goodwill and hoped it to last.

Pakistan FM, Mehmood Qureshi told Geo News that if India gives priority to peace, Pakistan is ready for peace.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan is ready to talk to Narendra Modi on the telephone and ready to extend an invitation of peace. Is Modi ready?” he asked.

“We are ready for every eventuality. If they give priority to peace, we are ready for peace. If they prioritise dialogue, we are ready for dialogue,” the Foreign Minister said.

“Let’s talk together on the basis of the dossier. I am ready to talk. You want to talk about terrorism, I am ready. You want to talk about peace, I am ready. You want to make it a common challenge, I am ready,” he said.


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