‘India Will Live as One, Grow as One, fight as One, Win as One’: PM Modi while Addressing BJP Booth Workers

Amidst the ongoing escalating tension between India and Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that India will live as one, grow as one, fight as one, win as one. He made the remark while addressing its party’s Booth workers in a Video Conference which the Bhartiya Janta Party has claimed that the World’s Biggest Conference.

His remarks came amidst the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further said, ‘The enemy tries to destabilize us, carries out terror attacks, they want to stop our growth. We all countrymen are standing like a rock to counter their evil designs’.

PM said, ‘The Whole country is standing with the armed forces. World is witnessing our collective will. We trust the capabilities of our forces. Hence it is very important that nothing of that sorts happens which decreases their morale and our enemy gets an opportunity to point fingers at us’.

“Booth soldiers need to step up now. If you win your booth, if you win hearts of people, you can work directly for the nation,” says PM Modi while addressing BJP workers during “world’s largest video-conference” ‘Mera Booth Sabse Mazboot’.

PM Modi without direct referring to anyone said, ‘There are some people who, out of their ‘political greed’, want a ‘helpless government’. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of booth workers to make people understand what difference a strong government can make to the country’

With the conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is aiming at mobilising support from the general public and galvanising the party workers into action for the upcoming Lok Sabha election due for April May 2019.

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However, Major Opposition Parties including Congress, AAP, BSP and others racked up Bhartiya Janta Party and PM Modi for playing politics and Holding events to gain Political mileage for Lok Sabha Polls 2019 amidst the ongoing Tension between India and Pakistan.

Earlier Congress had postponed its Working Committee Meeting and Priyanka Gandhi‘s slated for February 28 in the ongoing Tension between both the countries. Whereas AAP Chief and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also postponed its Hunger Strike for Delhi Statehood that was scheduled for March 1.

The BJP is also planning to organize bike rallies across the country on March 2.



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