Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad; accuses Modi of dividing the nation

Speaking at his poll rally in Wayanad on Wednesday, Congress president Rahul Gandhi called Prime Minister Narendra Modi the most anti-national person and accused him for dividing the nation.

Speaking at his rally in Wayanad Rahul Gandhi said that he was not there to tell the people about his ‘Mann ki baat’. “I am here to understand what is inside your heart and soul,” he said. In Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi accused the Prime Minister of dividing the nation. “Narendra Modi divided the country and made the country fight within itself. The most anti-national thing to be done in this country today is creating a situation by which 27,000 youngsters are losing their job every 24 hours. anti-national behaviour is crippling our agricultural system and forcing thousands of farmers to commit suicide is anti-national behaviour,” Rahul Gandhi added.

Mr. Gandhi also visited the Thirunelli temple in Wayanad and performed rituals there. It was here that Rajiv Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in the holy river, ‘Papanasini’ in 1991.


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