Respite for domestic consumers as Kejriwal government slashes fixed tariffs in electricity consumption

Kejriwal government slashes fixed tariffs for domestic consumers

Those whose power load ranges between 2kW to 5kW to save 90 rs per kW. Those who have it between 5kW to 15kW will receive a benefit of 75 rs. Tariff slashed.

NEW DELHI: Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) on Wednesday, July 31 announced changes to fixed charges for domestic consumers.

The tariff on power has been slashed by the power regulator for those consuming up to 1200 units. According to Tariff Schedule for the fiscal year 2019-20, households having consumption of upto 1200 units and 1kW load will see a reduction of Rs 105 in their monthly electricity bill. Similarly, those with 2kW load will save Rs 210. For range between 2kW to 5kW the amount has been reduced from Rs 140 to Rs 50. For those having power load between 5kW to 15kW they will get a benefit of Rs 75 per kW.

However, energy charges remaind unchanged for the category of households. For those with consumption higher than 1200 units, the rates per kWh has been increased from 7.75 per kWh to 8 per kWh.


“For fifth consecutive year NO electricity tariff hike. On the contrary for fifth consecutive yr, tariffs reduced. Delhi has lowest electricity tariffs in the country now,” Kejriwal Tweeted


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