Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
SC issues notice to Bihar government over premature release of Anand Mohan Singh

The Apex Court issued a notice to the Bihar government and others on Monday in response to a petition filed by the widow of former DM, Uma Krishnaiah contesting the premature release of former MP Anand Mohan Singh from prison.

Anand Mohan Singh was granted early release under a jail term remission order for which prison rules have recently been tweaked by the state government. 27 inmates including Anand Mohan Singh got early release. 

Anand was serving a life sentence for his suspected role in the 1994 murder of G Krishnaiah, a young IAS officer, during the funeral procession of Muzaffarpur mobster Chhotan Shukla. Anand, who had been imprisoned for the past 15 years after being convicted in the case, was released on 27th April. 

The murder of G Krishnaiah in Bihar in 1994 was a high-profile case that involved the notorious criminal-turned-politician Anand Mohan Singh. He was one of the prime accused in the case.

Singh was alleged to have ordered the killing, as he was reportedly upset with Krishnaiah for opposing him in the state assembly.

Anand Mohan Singh and several of his associates were arrested and charged with the murder of G Krishnaiah. They were convicted by a special court in 2007 and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, he has since been released on bail pending appeal. The court found that Anand Mohan Singh had ordered the killing of Krishnaiah as he was unhappy with the officer’s handling of a communal riot that had taken place in Gopalganj earlier that year.

G Krishnaiah was a senior IAS officer who was posted as the district magistrate of Gopalganj in Bihar. The mob allegedly attacked Krishnaiah with iron rods and sticks and shot him multiple times.

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