Special facilities to be provided to Differently-abled people in Rajasthan Assembly Polls

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To encourage each and every citizen to vote and to ensure that no one is left behind because of any hurdle whatsoever, the state election department in Rajasthan will provide transport facility to differently-abled voters. This initiative will enhance the easy accessibility of polling booths by specially-abled people. A nodal office for transport facility has been appointed by the election authorities to look after the transport management. Rajasthan Chief electoral officer Anand Kumar has also issued instructions to divisional commissioners and district collectors in this respect.

“The government vehicles will take specially-abled voters to the polling stations and drop them at their residence after casting the vote. In each district, a nodal officer to monitor their transport facilities will be appointed,” said Anand Kumar in the instructions issued to the officers. He also added that to ensure that there is no shortage of vehicles, election officials should identify such booths beforehand where specially-abled voters are enrolled.

Earlier this month Election Commission had ordered an issued to the Chief Electoral Officers of all states and Union Territories in which it  directed all the state election management department to arrange for the pick-up and drop facility for the differently-abled from their residence to the polling station and back. Election Commission of India (ECI) has also kept a theme called -’Sugam Matdan’.

In Rajasthan, nearly 17,000 specially-abled voters had cast the vote in previous election in 2013 which was very poor ratio. In the final rolls for Rajasthan assembly election this year, nearly 5.5 lakh specially-abled voters have been added.

The election officers have realized that lack of facilities act as a deterrent to specially-abled voters and hence they decided to provide them facilities that would motivate them to exercise the right of vote. Beside transport facilities, the election authorities have also decided to send braille literature at the residence visually impaired voters to motivate them to cast votes. Also, wheelchairs will be made available at booths.


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