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The students are enjoying their summer vacations after toiling hard for their exams. The stress level is genuine during exams, with the pressure level going on a higher side and of course the fear of parents & teachers forces the students to perform better. The parents set their terms & conditions during the exam period and the kids are left choice less ,but to follow it. The Television hours are reduced to zero, meeting friends is a strict no and eating habits are also expected to change. I remember when I was a student, I wasn’t allowed to eat ice-creams or consume cold drinks during my exam days as fear of flu cautioned my Parents. A special diet was structured for me which would constantly keep my eyes open without making me feel drowsy.  The wake up time and bed time were constantly monitored, expecting me to sleep with the books and wake up with the books. Poor me!



Today, the parents are clear about their expectations from the kids and as a result take all the measures to help them out. They lend their complete support and ensure that the study room is utilized along with the play room. “Work while you work & Play while you play”,  is the popular saying which holds the same meaning in practical life as well. The summer holidays are succeeded by the results.  The toughest time for the students and the parents is to wait for the results. All the efforts would be paid and future would be decided accordingly.


The Karnataka Secondary Education Bard SSLC results will be announced on Monday i.e. 12th may, 2014. The students can view their results online or can contact their respective schools which will display the results by May 13, 2014. The following websites can be visited for the results:

  • www.indiaresults.com
  • www.examresults.net
  • www.karnatakaeducation.net
  • www.bangaloreeducation.net
  • http://results.karnatakaeducation.net
  • www.schools9.com
  • www.myresultplus.com
  • www.manabadi.com
  • www.jagranjosh.com
  • www.bharatstudent.com
  • http://kannada.oneindia.in
  • www.exametc.com
  • www.karnataka.com
  • www.vidyavision.com
  • www.resultout.com
  • www.bangaloreducation.com
  • http://karresults.nic.in
  • http://sslc.nic.in

Phone details:

Airtel Customers: 52070

Vodafone Customers: 58888511


Type karsslc<11 digit registration number> and send 9243355223.

Type KAR10 and send it to 5676750           .

Good Luck!

By Prithviraj Singh Chauhan

Part time journalist, full-time observer. Editor-in-Chief at The Indian Wire. I cover updates related to business and startups.

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