Telangana Polls: Over 2600 ballot units reached Hyderabad ahead of Elections

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A total of 2,769 balloting units (BU) for EVMs arrived from Bharath Electronics Limited, Bangalore, on Thursday ahead of Telangana State Elections. The Ballot Units kept at Victory Playground in Chaderghat in Hyderabad.

These Ballot Units were procured because Hyderabad district was running short of 2,310 Ballot Units (BUs).

“We have started the first level of testing in the presence of representatives from political parties. Some of the representatives skipped the testing session but it is being done under video surveillance. The commissioning of BUs will start from December 1 and will be completed in two days,” said M Dana Kishore, Hyderabad District Election Officer (DEO).

The newly procured balloting units for EVMs will be brought in to work from December 1, said Kishore. The officials received permission to test the EVMs round the clock. “Earlier we had only 12-hour permission, but now EC gave 24-hour permission,” informed an official deputed on election duty.

The Polling in the state is slated for December 7, while counting will take place on December 11 with other four state assembly elections.

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