UIDAI dismisses report of data leak, says Aadhaar remains safe

NEW DELHI: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Saturday negated reports about a new information hole of Aadhaar holders, and affirmed that there has been “positively no rupture” of its database.

The announcement comes after an innovation news entrance referred to a security scientist’s claim to express that an arrangement of state-possessed utility firm was purportedly spilling data on Aadhaar holders.

In an announcement issued here, UIDAI, the Aadhaar-issuing body, stated: “there is no fact in this story as there has been definitely no break of UIDAIs Aadhaar database. Aadhaar stays protected and secure”.

It named the information break asserts as “absolutely unmerited, false and flippant”.

“UIDAI today has invalidated reports in a specific segment of media sourced from the news site ZDNet which has cited a man purportedly asserting to be a security specialist that a state-claimed service organization has defenselessness which can be utilized to get to a colossal measure of Aadhaar information including saving money points of interest,” UIDAI said in its announcement.

The UIDAI has contended that regardless of whether the report claims were taken to be valid, the security-related concerns ought to be around the database of service organization being referred to.

It has “nothing to do with the security of UIDAIs Aadhaar database”, it said.

Passing by the rationale of the report, since the service organization’s database likewise had financial balance quantities of its clients, would bank databases additionally be considered to have been broken, UIDAI addressed.

“The appropriate response would clearly be in negative,” it included. UIDAI contended that negligible accessibility of Aadhaar number with a third individual “won’t be a security danger to the Aadhaar holder” nor will it prompt money related or other misrepresentation. This is on the grounds that an exchange is dependent upon a fruitful confirmation through unique finger impression, Iris or OTP of the Aadhaar holder, UIDAI said.

The ZDNet report had guaranteed that “an information spill on a framework keep running by a state-possessed service organization can enable anybody to download private data on all Aadhaar holders, uncovering their names, their one of a kind 12-digit personality numbers, and data about administrations they are associated with, for example, their bank subtle elements and other private data.”