UP Police arrests Two Under New Anti-Conversion Law in Kannauj

Pic Credit- NDTV

Kannauj: Uttar Pradesh police on Monday have in a separate case arrested two people under the state’s new anti-conversion law

As per the anti-conversion law, the accused Mohammad Taufeeq, was arrested on Sunday for marrying a 29-year-old woman by hiding his religion, and then he forces her to convert, said Prashant Verma, Superintendent of Police (SP).

He further said the father of the woman registered an FIR in Kannauj. As per the complaint, the father said that Taufeeq “trapped” his daughter by hiding his religion and took her to Lucknow. There he disclosed his religion and married her, and forced her to convert.

Other than being charged under the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, Taufeeq has likewise been charged under areas about cheating and pantomime of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Prashant Verma said. The officer further said that the complainant has asserted that Taufeeq acquainted himself as Rahul Verma and married his girl.

In Saraimeera town of the district, police claimed to have captured a man on Friday for supposedly attempting to “trap” a lady without unveiling his religion.

Ahtesham was gotten by a mob and gave over to the police. He was charged under the anti-conversion law, police said.

Under the law which manages various classes of offenses, a marriage will be proclaimed “null and void” if the conversion of a lady is solely for that reason, and those wishing to change their religion after marriage need to apply to the district magistrate.

The ordinance essentially visualizes that no individual will change religion, either directly or indirectly from one religion then onto the next by use or practice of deception, power, excessive impact, compulsion, allurement, or by any fake methods or by marriage nor will any individual abet, persuade or plan such conversion.

The onus to prove that the conversion has not been done coercively will lie on the individual accused of the convert and the proselyte, it said.