Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024
Vice President Dhankar says, Gandhian spirit of ‘Swavlamban’ is the guiding force behind ‘Aatma-nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Friday described the Gandhian spirit of ‘Swavlamban’ as the guiding force behind ‘Aatma-nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’. He also acknowledged that wholesome results of this approach are visible in all sectors ranging from manufacturing to defence and space exploration.

The Vice President is on a three-day tour to Gujarat. He visited Sabarmati Ashram on Friday and said that the very look at Charkha there was a reminder of the message of the Father of the Nation, who had termed self-reliance as ‘key to all freedoms.’

Describing his visit to Sabarmati Ashram as “inspirational and motivational,” Dhankhar remarked in the visitors book, “Blessed to be at Sabarmati Ashram- the sacred shrine of Gandhian thought and way of life. From this hallowed place Gandhiji began the Salt Satyagraha and illuminated the world with the power of TRUTH and NON VIOLENCE. Sublimity is the hallmark of the ashram preserving the treasure of Gandhiji’s legacy in a pristine form. A visit to the ashram is like a national pilgrimage that will inspire and motivate to be ever in service of humanity.”

Later, the Vice President attended an event on ‘Excellence in Higher Education’ organised by the Government of Gujarat at National Law University, Gandhinagar. “You are now well positioned because of technological development to be part of the global legal system,” he told the law students present on the occasion.

The Vice President praised the state for taking steps in implementation of National Education Policy- 2020. Terming the New Policy as “a game changer”, he said that it is a well thought out policy that meets our requirements and hoped that all states will implement NEP-2020 in the right spirit.

Noting that Indian genius has a footprint in every sphere in the world, Dhankhar said that investment in education improves the present and geometrically improves the future. “It is the education that alone makes the difference. If we have excellence in higher education, there will be innovation, there will be creativity and research,” he added.

Recalling his visit to the Statue of Unity a day before, the Vice President called it “a marvel unrivalled in the world” and further added that “this marvelous creation and the entire ecosystem there made me feel very proud as a Bharatiya.”

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